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Skill Rid Pest Control provides Extermination Services in Phuket along with quality customer service and care using a Pest Control Bait System to eliminate and protect from a variety of insects like termites, ants, cockroaches & mosquitoes.

Benefits of Pest Control

  • Protects building against damage by pests.
  • Reduce the costs of maintenance & repairs.
  • Reduce pest-damage to personal property of customers or residents.
  • Scheduled inspections & treatments continue to protect.
  • Buildings remain in better condition.

Termite Protection Using Soil Injection or Bait Boxes Process

  • Staff will survey buildings to determine best action.
  • Soil injection involves many measurements and calculations for depth and quantity.
  • Bait boxes can be placed in the areas that termites are found.
  • Bait boxes safely kill termites coming into bait box and at their nest.



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