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Desjoyaux, Phuket Co Ltd

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Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Desjoyaux, Phuket Co Ltd is a leader in the construction, design and servicing of residential, school and resort & hotel swimming pools. They also sell pool cleaning and maintenance products.

Desjoyaux, Phuket Co Ltd is located on Chaofa Road West. If driving on Chaofa Road West, away from the Central Festival Mall, driving towards Chalong, after a few minutes drive you will see Desioyaux on the right hand side of the road.

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  1. I’ve recently bought a house that already had a desjoyau pool installed. I’m impressed at how easy it is to maintain compared to our previous pool that kept having issues. Yes it doesn’t look as nice but i’d rather not have the headaches of having a dodgy builder put in a pool and then have to keep paying to fix and maintain it.

  2. Desjoyaux are a well known and established company so I used them to build a pool in my garden. They did a good job and on time. they may not be the cheapest but I have a 10 year warranty which gives me piece of mind

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