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Airport Car Rent
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Mai Khao, North Phuket

The office of Airport Car Rent is set just across the road from the main exit of Phuket International Airport. There are over 100 cars for rent and you can choose your most suitable and preferable one for your great holiday and to enjoy driving around the island.

A complimentary transfer service from the airport to the office to take your car is provided for every request.

Some interesting advantages you will get from here but not from others are 24 hour service, full gas tank, first class insurance and car replacement in case of the car being broken or having any problems.

Contact us and and make a booking before your arrival to get free transfer to our office and enjoy driving and good holidays.

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  1. Was hetic coming out of Phuket Airport, but managed to rent a car ok. they had a choice of cars we went for a auto jazz. We had no problems, and liked that the tank was full. At the end of our holiday it was easy to leave ny wife and luggage at the airport whlle I returmed the car, as the rental office is just across the road from the airport.

  2. My friend in Phuket advised me about this car rental before I arrived on the island. One of the outstanding advantage is that their airport location is very convenient to collect and return the car. Their staffs are friendly and helpful, I really appreciate their service.

  3. Airport car rent is a perfect location, I was told about this place by a friend, you can book online but, on this visit to Phuket I just went straight to office I was in luck they had many cars to choose from I asked for a Corolla and got a nice new one. When I returned car it was very straight forward and easy so I would rent from here on my next visit also.

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