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C Cube Automotive
3.8 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

C Cube Automotive is a professional, one stop service car care centre in Phuket Town. We realise the importance of your car condition, so our main services include car cleaning and coating. Latest coating technology is used in our shop and we call it Deep Crystal Coating which will help protect your car up to 99% of UV radiation from the sun. Your car will always look new and difficult to get dirty.

Our car wash and vacuum service is performed by our experienced staff who will ensure that your car is very well taken care of and spotlessly clean. Other services include car wheel from Japan, car lubricants and car interior detailing.

We are located in Samkong area approximately halfway between Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Vachira Hospital.

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  1. Took my 7 yrs old Toyota to this shop and I didn’t expect much about my old car. But after their recommended crystal coating, it was so shiny and looked absolutely new. Waited for service a bit long but not too bad and price is of course better quality higher price.

  2. Used them for crystal coating for my civic. I booked it in advance and did it on my day off so I had no rush. Left my car with them and I walked to Gluay nam wa coffee shop just across the road and wandered for a few minutes away. They have their own coffee shop but I prefer to spend my hours in a more relaxing place. Their coating job is very good.

  3. Their quality of service impressed me. My car got some scratches which made me thought in the first place that it might need a repaint. Here they used a kind of special chemical stuff and process, I couldn’t believe all scratches disappeared. I suggest you make an appointment and if you want to wait (maybe half day process) just walk for 1 minutes to a very nice coffee shop called Kluaynamwa. I was there for many hours.

  4. I was so happy after having my Toyota coated with their Deep Crystal Coating. They smeared the surface with crystal coating at first then sprayed it. This is what they told me before they would do it. I don’t actually know how many layers of crystal coating they have done but what I know is my car so shiny and looks very new. I didn’t wait at their coffee shop but I strolled across the road to a nicer coffee shop called Gluay nam wa which is also good.

  5. Used their glass or crystal coating. They claimed it is a lot better than normal wax; better protection from UV and scratches. Not cheap but it looks good and very shiny after service. It take nearly half day or more and depends on how long the queue is. I suggest prebook the queue and plan to leave your car for maybe whole day with them.

  6. Since I get not impressed with my existing car care so my colleague recommended this shop. He has used their service since it opened. Easy to get there, friendly and expert staff, reasonable price. There is a coffee corner and free wifi. Sure to use their service again.

  7. I am a big fan of C Cube, I use their service for 3 years and very satisfied. Staffs are friendly and price is reasonable. They also have a small coffee shop with free wifi internet which is good for me. I always order a cup of coffee and check news from social network during waiting my car.

  8. I use this place as easy to get to, as on the same road and not far from Vachira Hospital. I am always pleased with their service, lovely to have a clean car.

  9. I have been using this shop since they opened and always get good service there. They use quality Meguar wax and prices are reasonable. Highly recommended.

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