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Hardcore Auto Detailing
3.9 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Hardcore Auto Detailing specialises in car care and cleaning for both interior and exterior, especially in car body coating.

We use only top class products from either Quartz or the Glass for your car coating to make it always shiny and new.

In addition, this technology helps protect your car skin colour from UV radiation and the shine can last a lot more longer.

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  1. I didn’t expect my white car could be shiny, but Hardcord said we all misunderstood and they did it to my car. What a shiny white car! They told me they used Swissvax Glacier, I didn’t ask where it came from but I’m really delighted with the result. If have you got a white car, I suggest you try it.

  2. They are very very a professional and good service. I am a regular customer with them already. The price are higher than some shop in Phuket, but high quality also. I think it ‘s reasonable and happy to pay more. When I see my car it always look new and shiny.

  3. Professional and good service. Last Saturday, I took my car here for cleaning since that morning then I forgot to take it until 6 pm. So, I phoned and asked them to wait, the owner was so nice, he said no problem, they could wait. They always done a very good job, never disappointing. I think 350 baht is high but worth it.

  4. This shop seem to be the most famous car wash in Phuket town. If I brought my car during weekend and late afternoon. I need to wait at least an hour or more. They always busy. At first, I love their high standard quality of the car wash but it seem their standard is drop lately. I guess this is because they are so busy and too many people come to wash their car with them. So, i decided that I need to change the shop as I can not wait that long.

  5. Stopped by to check this place out and they quoted me 30,000 baht to Glass coat my Honda. Told me about the marvels of it but I passed this time. Anyone tried it?

  6. I saw a lot of super cars came to use Hardcore Auto Detailing service. I was reluctant to come as my car is not a super car, but I went there finally. They are very professional, I couldn’t believe my old car turned shiny after cleaning and waxing again! Pricey….yes but the result is impressive!

  7. It is a new shop for car wash but my friends keep talking about Hardcore. So, I just tried once last weekend and sure I will be back again. Next time I will try polishing! A lot of space, price is reasonable. Good location, about 5-10 minutes drive from Central Festival, on the way to Phuket Town.

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