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Taksina Driving School
2.3 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

One of the trusted driving schools in Phuket, Taksina Driving School can help train you to drive a car very quickly.

You will learn from basic steps using manual car and finally an automatic car. The experienced trainer will help you until you can pass the test for driving license.

Pick up service for each course is available, so you can start your driving class from your home and also finish there.

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  1. Many friends recommended us this school. We used their 20 hr program to learn both manual and automatic transmission cars. It was true that they used old cars for training but personally I could understand the reason. But some cars require to be replaced or changed to a better condition one. Their course and trainer were ok and the trainer came with us to the Phuket transport office. We passed the test and could get driving licence. Thanks to all of them.

  2. I learned to drive both manual and automatic gears at this driving school. The driving instructor will take students who have completed the course to the Land Transportation Office every Thursday for driving licence application. Same price with other school but rather old cars. Driving practice yard is flooded during heavy rains.

  3. I chose this school because of it is not far from my house. Cars were very old & the total training hours was different with our first agreement that made me unhappy. Try somewhere else.

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