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Kor Tor Mor Pub & Restaurant

Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

This typical Thai nightclub, which has been a local darling for years, is a great spot to experience the local nightlife scene. Thai boys and girls pack the joint especially at weekends. They come to hear Serm and his band playing fun Thai and international favorites.

  1. If you like busy, loud & young, then this could well be a good place for you. I was young once and had some great nights at Kor Tor Mor, but now I’m old and it’s all a bit too much. The place can get super packed and the live Thai rock/pop can be super loud.

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  2. My friend took me to this nightclub when I visited Phuket a few weeks ago. It’s one of the most popular nightclubs in Phuket Town among locals. They have both DJs and live music bands. It’s ok for me but limited car parking space. Becomes more busy and crowded at midnight especially Friday and Saturday night. Recommend for young nightlife lovers!

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  3. Good place to hang out with your gang, located in Phuket Town. Here always very busy on Fri – Sat, however I think more people more fun!They have live music which always play Thai Song, but of course they also have DJ open an international hit and famous songs.

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  4. A traditional pub in Phuket, old one I mean and it could be the most ideal place for Thais, non Thais of course can try. They mostly play very up to date Thai songs and play sometimes international ones. It is always crowed so we have to get ourselves ready to face such situation when getting there. Price and service are just standard like many other pubs in Phuket which is ok for us. The only reason I go there is because our friends prefer this place!

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  5. About 98% Thai customers but safe and friendly for farang to enjoy the local scene. LOUD music. Beer price is ok.

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