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Timber Hut
3.8 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Timber Rock (nee Timber Hut) on Yaowarat Road in Phuket Town is a Thai and expat locals have been filling this old clubhouse every night for nearly 23 years. They gather at long wooden tables on two floors, converge around thick timber columns, swill whiskey, and sway to live bands that swing from hard rock to funk to hip-hop with aplomb.

A red-brick building, Timber Rock’s unimpressive facade gives way to a busy, energetic nightspot that is approaching capacity most nights of the week and is positively rammed at weekends.

Drinking and dancing at Timber is spilt across two levels with the majority of the action happening on the ground floor where the resident band, complete with dwarf, and house DJs take it in turn to whip the crowd into a frenzy playing a mixture of Thai and Western classics. Upstairs is pretty cramped as people jostle for space to shake their funky stuff along the railings that overlook what’s happening below.

The crowd is a mix of Thai and Westerner, with the majority being locals, but the atmosphere is friendly and not intimidating for foreign visitors.

Most Timber goers settle themselves in for the night with a bottle of whiskey at a table and nod their heads in time to the music.

Look out for the complimentary bowls of congee that get handed out at the end of the night.

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  1. This place is great, visited this one with some of my local friends and had a blast. Their cocktails are great along with their food. Their in-house band also added to the appeal of the place. The place has a lot of people visiting, so if you want to make friends then this is the place. It’s also reasonably priced, so your money will go a long way when visiting this place.

  2. Good feel and atmosphere, fairly small on 2 levels, difficult to park a car, best to come via motorbike. Live Thai band was enthusiastic, the crowd reacted better to the thai than english songs. A small bottle of beer was I think 130 baht, not bad for a live music venue. Music loud, great for listening to music not for chatting with friends. toilet facilities, ok but not really adequate for the number of people.

  3. The good old club in looking old building. Are you guys kidding me? I have asked my friends at the first time they took me there. It’s look like leather shop more than a place to drink and dance :) It’s quite narrow inside but surprise that their live band is great.

  4. An old haunt for me which I keep coming back. The live music varies, but that is the fun of going to see a live band, sometimes great sometimes not good or maybe good but not my music taste. Sound system is too loud but a good venue. I normally go with friends and we share a bottle of whiskey with mixers. Music is a mix of Thai and Western sings, with more Thai songs.

  5. Enjoyed drinking here. I very loved listening to live music band. Both DJ and singers were good entertainer. Played Variety collection of Thai and international hit songs. Not only Thai nightlife lovers, there were many farangs joined especially at weekend night. Recommended here for relaxing with friends after hard work.

  6. I always visit this place with friends after work for relaxation and enjoyment, I love their live band, singer is a very good entertainer also they can sing with many different songs.

  7. I enjoyed music from their live band very much. Atmosphere and service quality are very stable and I have never been disappointed with them. A bit cramped on weekend night because a lot of people but week days are ok.

  8. Agree with Night DD, Timber Hut is never die :-) I love their live band, singer is a very good entertainer. They play many kind of music, not only Thai, also has DJ opens hit songs, even 60s, 70s time

  9. I have visited here since I was a university student. Other places come and gone but this still open. Good location, good song, good singers and good drink. Wow, enjoy to hang out on weekend.

  10. Not a nightlife lover so don’t know what the others are like. Came here twice, many people especially on weekend nights, I think most are working age, just a few teenager. Also many farangs, good inter song. Some day I might become a nightlife lover…lol

  11. A Phuket Town institution, Timber Hut has been going strong since I first arrived in Phuket a decade ago. Other places have come and gone but Timber Hut is packed out every weekend with a good crowd. If you are looking for a place to hang out in Phuket Town and listen to a decent band then look no further.

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