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Boat Bar

5 reviews

Yes (My Way Cabaret)

3 reviews

Naka Massage at Paradise Complex

2 reviews

Home Dining Cafe & Lounge

2 reviews

Sundowners Bar & Guesthouse

2 reviews

Zag Club Paradise Complex

2 reviews
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Naka Massage at Paradise Complex

Time Bar at Paradise Complex

James Dean and Friends at Paradise Complex

Sundowners Bar & Guesthouse

Aquarius Lounge 69

OK Karaoke at Paradise Complexe

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Kai Boy Bar & Massage

Latest Reviews

Review of Naka Massage at Paradise Complex

Ok did not have massage tables, just a thin mattress on the floor covered with a clean sheet and pillow. massage area was small, dim lighting and music was soft and not too loud, had air con. Therapist, spoke barely any english but went out of this way to please. Overall a good experience, would be better and more private if they had proper massage rooms.


Review of Kai Boy Bar & Massage

Ok for a few drinks. Staff, of which there were 4, were ok, older and chatty, I brought a few drinks for 2 of them. Suggested a massage but i was not interested. Very small had only a few sets of tables and chairs. Ok for short drink, but nothing outstanding about this bar


Review of Aquarius Lounge 69

recommend the chicken and cashews nuts, a restaurant not a boy bar so just good service and no hassle, just the normal where are you from, from the waiter. Liked it here as away from the loud music of the main strip, could actually talk and chat with friends without having to shout my head off.Thought the food and beer was cheap. Tucked away off the main strip, not busy, not a fancy place. Ate and drank there a few times and would do again.


Review of 4 Massage at Paradise Complex

I could select the masseur from around 10. There was a small shower, massage cubicles were small, not that private with a mattress on the floor. My massage was not the best, but i went away happy.

Most of Phuket’s gay venues are located on Soi Paradise, a few blocks from Soi Bangla in Patong.

Cabaret shows, bars, guesthouses and massage shops can be found on Soi Paradise.

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