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Phuket FantaSea
4.5 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
Kamala, West Phuket

Phuket FantaSea is a large, impressive tourist attraction theme park and show in North Kamala. The park has various fun fair style stalls where kids and adults can win prizes, plus there are masses of gift shops and show characters walking around who are happy to have there photo taken. For these wanting something to eat there are popcorn and hot dog stalls, or a massive size restaurant that serves a wide selection Thai and International food, buffet.

The impressive, special effects show which features birds, elephants and other animals, dancers, acrobats and comics is held in the gaint 3,000 seat, Palace of the Elephants Theatre , which has been designed to look from the outside like an ancient Wat (temple.) Also within the Palace of the Elephants before the show starts is an area where pictures can be taken with various birds and animals including young tigers. After the show there are often fire dancers and eaters strolling around and there will be many stalls and shops and drink and eating outlets still open. Phuket FantaSea will provide an enjoyable entertaining evening, that everyone, no matter what their age, will find engaging, and fun.

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  1. เป็นอีกหนึ่งที่ครับ สำหรับคนที่มาเที่ยวภูเก็ตไม่ควรพลาด การแสดงแสง สี เสียงตระการตา ผมมีความรู้สึกประทับใจมาก กับการได้มาชมโชว์ที่ ภูเก็ตแฟนตาซีแห่งนี้ พูดได้เลยว่า เป็นการแสดงโชว์ระดับโลกจริงๆ ทุกๆ องค์ประกอบสวยงามมากครับ ทั้งเทคนิค การเล่าเรื่องราว และผู้แสดงทั้งหมด ผมภูมิใจมาก รู้สึกทึ่งและคุ้มค่ามากๆ ที่เข้ามาชม และตอนก่อนที่เข้าไปชมการแสดงในโรงละครเค้า เวลายังมีมากพอ ได้เดินดูรอบๆ เค้ามีการจัด การตกแต่งที่วิจิตร และงดงามมากครับ และไฮไลท์อีกอย่างนึงอยู่ที่ขบวนพาเหรด ที่จัดมาต้อนรับ สุดยอดจริงๆ ภูมิใจมากๆ ที่คนไทยทำได้ถึงขนาดนี้ เป็นอีกหนึ่งที่ที่ไม่ควรพลาดเลยครับเมื่อคุณมาเยือนภูเก็ต

  2. Our tour company took us and returned us to our hotel, the food was buffet style, with a wide selection of foods. For buffet food it was ok, normal problem not all dishes were hot and people getting in the way. Our 2 children had fun having a go trying to win some soft toys at the side stalls. had our pic taken with a baby tiger, so cute. The show was a good mix of acrobats, magicians, Thai culture and animals. The theatre is huge, but we had no problems being able to see the stage. Good for families. Spent more than we planned with all the extra pics and side stalls, but not crazy and we all had a good time

  3. I have been there 10 years ago and just came back to the place again few months ago. I couldn’t recognize if the show changed or just the same, but the food is just great. The buffet dinner here was something pleasant and it was more than I expected.

  4. We had an excellent night out at Fantasea including a top notch buffet dinner. The place is huge and there is lots to do after dinner while waiting to go into the show. The show itself was spectacular. Much better than I expected and the kids loved every minute. If you have kids then this is definitely one of the best evening activities in Phuket.

  5. We made the right choice there. We were impressed with the performance of the actors as also the animals. We did the dining and gold seating and food was great, international buffet.

  6. This is the second time we have visited the Fantasea show. The first was in 2013.The Fantasea surroundings and entrence to the show was great. Fantasea is not just a show, its a whole evening of entertainment.The show was fantastic and definately a must-see.

  7. บุฟเฟ่ต์เมนูอาหารหลากหลาย รสชาติอร่อย การแสดงสุดยอด พนักงานยิ้มแย้ม น่ารัก ประทับใจมากๆ เลยค่ะ ที่โชว์ไทยก็ไม่แพ้ชาติใดในโลก

  8. The show was fantastic… definitely skip the dinner. You can get a ticket without dinner included.

  9. Could not believe when I read this place has 12 elephants on a theater stage as part of their show. Well its true. Amazing and very professional show in English.

  10. My family have lived in Phuket nearly 10 years, but last weekend was our 1st time visited here. The show is professional but prices quite expensive. We had good time together, Very impressed

  11. We didn’t come on holiday to Thailand to see “Las Vegas styled production”, we came for the beautiful scenery, culture and food. Saying that, one evening we were looking for something to do and, of course, FantaSea was recommended. What a pleasant surprise. The show is done extremely well and we had a thoroughly fun evening and were still talking about it a few days later. We’ve since recommended it to friends going to Phuket.

  12. This is a must do while in Phuket. A Las Vegas styled production about a Prince and his elephant. The show is in English and includes 20 or more elephants on stage with spectacular lighting, music and dance.
    There are two options, one that includes dinner before the show – skip the dinner – and just buy ticket for the show. Before going into the theater you can have your picture taken with baby tigers.
    Really a fun evening! Highly recommended.

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