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Design By Design Co., Ltd.

Thalang, North Phuket

The company has evolved in Asia over the last 6 years as a way of capturing the remarkable talent of Thai Architects and encouraging the embrace of international design concepts that satisfy the needs of a growing number of investors in this spectacular region of Asia.

We provide a bridge to communicate your needs and expectations for your project and translate them into a successful result, whether it be your private home or a complete urban environment.

Based in Phuket, we can combine the efforts of our in-house team with all the specialist consultants that you will need to make a smooth flowing successful project anywhere in Asia.

While we can assist in offering a broad range of design solutions, from Fertilizer Factories to Furniture Showrooms, our area of expertise & greatest benefit lies in the application of ergonomics in domestic environments.

Most of our featured projects are in the field of Private Homes, (single or estate developments) or Master plans of larger balanced urban environments.

We must particularly acknowledge our close association with John Underwood, with whom we have been closely involved in numerous Theming and Artwork projects, drawing us closer to the ideal blending of Art & Architecture, making our world a more exhilarating place to explore.

Above all other considerations, any building must be able to perform the function it is built for – form follows function!

Our first consideration is to our client’s concept. Our job is not to challenge your intent, but to fully understand your vision, and translate that into a reality. To overcome all the physical limitations and produce a design that fulfils all your requirements and exceeds your expectations is our aim.


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