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Patong, West Phuket

High-Speed Internet (Using the latest Fibre Optic infrastructure)  Security Systems and Fire Alarms (Professionally designed and installed bor business and residential properties)   MATV and IPTV Systems (Hotel systems for centralised TV distribution)   Computer Networks and Servers (Professional business systems for your organisation)  PABX, VoIP and Telephony Systems (Small, medium or large telephone systems)  M&E Infrastructure (Consultancy, design, implementation of project infrastructure)   Preventive & Remedial Maintenance (Service contracts to ensure your systems aer fuctioning properly. Prevent problems before they happen and/or receive priority service when they do)  Authorised Apple Re-seller (Everything Mac for the home and office)

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  1. Hear about it from a friend when they know I want to install CCTV camera in my office. They office bases in Patong, that make it pretty handy for me. Quite profession that gave me options to choose the cams with the budget I have. Cabling takes just few days including set up recording. Save my time. Will come to with a after sales review.

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