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M2K Wireless Co., Ltd.
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M2K Wireless is the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)
Based in Phuket, Thailand. The company offers the following services to its customers

M2K offers a broad range of products enabling fast, scalable and economical deployment of broadband communication. Our products provide high speed data transfer wired or wirelessly. This allows you to upgrade your existing system or offer improved service using existing coaxial cables, telephone cables or electric lines. Our product utilizes proven industry standards including 802.11a/b/g or custom protocols to develop ROBUST products with LOW ACQUISITION AND SUPPORT COSTS.

A low-cost, web-based authentication system for wireless hotspots used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and properties. No onsite hardware, management, or maintenance means lower cost and less trouble. Use your web browser to manage your account and generate your own prepaid accounts.

M2K offers a very affordable, upgradeable, high speed, simple and dependable way to create a network, access the Internet, communicate and share data wirelessly through Hotspot Zones across Phuket. M2K Using the standards and technologies networks from TOT and ADC for best efficiency and cost effective Broadband Internet Access.

M2K Wireless has a full team of technicians which are specialize in this field. Upon the registration with our Preventive Maintenance Program received, We will send you a schedule for our onsite maintenance to check the Computer System, WiFi Hotspot System, Signal Gain ect. Your company can enjoy a free labour cost and a stability of your computer system, HotSpot Network System for best satisfaction to your customers

Our creative team of content developers and multimedia designers has proven track record of creative dynamic websites that are both attractive and user-friendly. Let us help you create a site that reflects the core values of your corporate and moves your audience to become more personally involved.

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  1. M2K I have just installed the NEW IPTV and HOTEL HD SYSTEM , it is quite amazing it give me full hd and over 500 channels with fibre optic sound. Upgraded me to the Platinum pack for my hotel with ip cameras
    and Custom menus for room food and beverage ordering very cool now we have everything running on lan ip at full hd and fast. We have no issues now when it is bad weather which is great. The number for iptv installs call 083 647 3443

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