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We at United Services Phuket – Pusco provide a comprehensive, professional shipping service via air, land or sea from everywhere in the world. We are based in Phuket, so if you are shipping items to or from the island we are an ideal choice. We can compete with any of the major international companies on price, services they offer and reliability. We have we have a proven, over 25 year track record of hassle free imports and exports, and have all the necessary skills and relationships to make your customs clearance smooth and very importantly predictable. Some of our key services include household item removals and shipping, unaccompanied baggage handling, and dealing with complex commercial logistics, such as factory relocations and movement and erection of machinery and also with Boat imports and exports and Thailand boat registrations.

International freight forwarding

Comprehensive project logistics

Largest trucks,trailers,forklifs and heavy duty crane fleet in Phuket

Huge covered warehouse complex in Phuket located on main highway

Worldwide and domestic courier service

Customs clearance

Households removals worldwide

Unaccompanied baggage handling

Packing and delivery

Express door-to-door service

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  1. They took good care of my belongings from abroad. Nothing is broken. Higher price but quicker than post office. Efficient and reliable company, recommend the International freight forwarding & shipping services.

  2. My family and I used PUSCO to ship our belongings from Phuket to the UK and to be honest I could not recommend using them at all.
    The process went wrong at every stage but this only started to become apparent when the shipment was on its way. We received a quotation based on a volume, this was confirmed as the final volume after collection by PUSCO and we had insructed PUSCO to contact us if the volume differed from the quote. While the shipment was at sea PUSCO requested additional payment for increased volume and what could we do at that stage?
    Our belongings were shipped to the wrong port in the UK and WE had to get involved in the process of moving them in the UK or face extortionate storage charges. To add insult to injury a large number of our belongings were broken due to inadequate packing by PUSCO and some were lost altogether.  We submitted a claim to PUSCO for the cost of repair and replacement of the lost and damaged items together with numerous emails which PUSCO failed to respond to. All in all with all the usual problems that go along with relocating this is one I could definitely have done without.”

  3. Their service is very efficient and reliable. They looked after everything for us including documents to complete the delivery process. Our shipped stuff were very well taken care of until our home in Europe.

  4. Used them for importing some of my UK household items that I wanted in my villa. They gave me good advice on how to keep duty fees to the min and filled out Customs Declaration forms for me. Goods arrived, well packed and nothing was broken or damaged.

  5. Our experience with Phuket Universal Services PUSCO spanned nearly 18 months and all the way we had excellent service. They packaged, collected our furniture and placed it in storage with extreme efficiency.

    We required items to be shipped over from Europe where we had been traveling and added to our consignment. The UK companies I contacted were unhelpful in getting the goods to Thailand. Contacting PUSCO they arranged it all with no problems, cleared it all with customs and added it to the pile.

    We needed a few things out of storage at one point and for the first time in year got to see how the items where actually being stored and were very pleasantly surprised to find it all in an air-conditioned room. The cases we had asked to have out were all separated for us and made finding the things we needed very easy.

    They recently delivered and unpacked all our items to our new home all in perfect condition. Peter at all stages answered our emails promptly and all the staff at PUSCO were a pleasure to deal with. We cannot rate their services highly enough.

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