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Hughes Krupica Consulting Company Ltd

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Koh Kaew, East Phuket

Hughes Krupica Consulting Company Ltd was founded for the purpose of improving quality of delivering legal services to clients across the South East Asia and Asia region.

We have set up our firm to focus only on our partner’s and team strengths and are proud to only focus on our specialist areas of expertise. We believe in quality balanced with simplicity.

Desmond Hughes and Robert Krupica are both international lawyers with a breadth of experience handling client issues in Asia.

To avoid disillusion with the direction of legal services pre Asian Economic Community, Desmond and Robert decided the time was right to structure a firm in a modern, transparent and progressive way, in keeping with values of many business people; companies and clients in an exciting ever more connected and global world.



-Private Company Share Sales and Purchase -Private to Public Company listing assistance -Corporate and Individual Joint Ventures -Investment Promotion Law and Board of Investment -Project Finance – Loan Agreements; Mortgage Agreements and Subordination Agreements -Merger and Acquisitions of businesses -Labour Law for Corporates -Capital Increases and Reductions; Dissolutions and Liquidation



-Planning Design and Engineering Pre-Qualification and Procurement -Contract Support for Planning; Design; Engineering; Program Management and Construction Management -Services -Support on Preparation of Bid Documents -Drafting and Reviewing Construction Contracts -Bidding Process Support -Performance and Payment Bond Reviews -Change Order Reviews -Claims and Disputes -False Claims -Liens; Stop Notices and Payment Bond Claims -Construction Defect Litigation -Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation


Real Estate

-Consumer: Buying and Selling & Investing in Property; Due Diligence; Contract Review; Owners Committee representation -Corporations: Leasing offices; developing space for business processes; buying and selling real estate assets -Developers: Land Acquisition; Construction & related agreements; sales contract drafting; owners committee or legal “jurisdiction” implementation; property asset management agreement -Local regulatory advice: licensing; ownership and use restrictions -Real Estate Agency: Drafting Agency Agreements for project representation; Commission Agreements; Brand -Expansion and Franchising; Shared and Sub-Agency Agreements


Disputes and Resolution

-Consumers: lodging complaints; enforcing dispute resolution mechanisms; mediation and arbitration of disputes; collective owners disputes; filing and handling court claims -Corporates: International Arbitration; Arbitration in Thailand; Construction and Real Estate Disputes; Commercial Disputes; Marine Industry Disputes



-Joint Venture Disputes -Corporate Litigation: Shareholder Disputes; Director Disputes; Compensation Claims -Fraud and White Collar Crimes -Construction Litigation -Corporate Labour Disputes -Financial and Investment Based Disputes -Enforcement of Judgments -Appeals


Owners Committee/Strata Title/legal juristic Consulting

-Consumers: advice for consumer when agreeing to owners committee structures; formal representation and proxy representation on owners corporation or committees; legal compliance and maintenance of owners committee -Developers; Managers and Branded Operators: structuring legal framework to secure relationship with owners as individuals and as a collective; developer or operator representation or proxy on owners committee; legal compliance and maintenance of owners committee



-Consumer: Buying or investing in hotel based products -Corporations: Land acquisition due diligence and transaction -Negotiating Construction Agreements and Project Management Agreements -Licensing requirements and advising on regulatory relationship between hotel use and property asset -Brand License Agreements -Land Owners: Negotiating Hotel Management Agreements with Branded Operators


Shared Ownership

-Consumers: Reviewing Vacation Club Contracts; Finance Contracts; Fractional Ownership; Private or Branded Residence Clubs -Developers: Drafting and Implementing Vacation Club Structures; Fractional; Private or Branded Residence Club Contracts and Legal Model Implementation -Operators: Agreeing operator contract for segmented property or whole property in a project or hotel; negotiating contract with timeshare exchange company


Marine Leisure

-Consumers: Luxury Boat Acquisition and Investment; luxury brand franchising; fractional ownership agreement reviews -Corporations and Investors: luxury Boat and other leisure product fractional ownersip structuring and sales; Marina Structuring; Brand Franchising; Luxury Product Franchising

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  1. Hughes Krupica Consulting Company Ltd provides legal services specialising in real estate, hospitality, corporate, construction, dispute resolution and litigation. Their Phuket office is located at Koh Kaew Plaza in the Phuket Boat Lagoon, which is about 15 minutes drive north of Phuket Town. The company delivers modern, transparent and progressive services to business people as well as many companies in South East Asia.

  2. Established, law company that has deep knowledge of Asia wide not just Thailand law. good for me as I have a business in Hong Kong and live part time in Phuket.

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