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Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Advanced Solar Power Phuket

Specialize in design, installation service and maintenance of our advanced renewable energy solar and wind power systems.

We specifically design & build to maximize power yield and extend system life in coastal tropical locations such as Phuket & surrounding areas.

MonoSun the pioneers in bringing a wide selection of advanced high quality & cost effective eco environmentally friendly solar & wind hybrid systems to the area.
Systems specifically Taylor made and designed to best suite your energy needs for each individual application home, office, business, hotel or resort etc whether it be simple solar LED sign board or portable food cart lighting or to providing PV solar electricity and solar hot water to entire island resorts in order to save running costs and replace noisy polluting diesel generators.
Our goal is to provide clean energy options and solutions with positive long term savings to customers with every product and system we offer and install.

Environmentally friendly Photovoltaic Energy systems provide almost maintenance free power with a working life of 25 plus years.

Tomorrows world today
Bringing solar down to earth prices with something to offer everyone can afford

Here are some examples of products we offer.———————————————————————-

* Roof top solar water heaters which pay for themselves within 1-2 years
* PV electricity producing solar panels with long life span 25yr+
* Hybrid solar / wind electric generation
* Bright solar garden courtyard & street lights
* Grid connect for city use “no batteries required”
* Stand alone systems great for remote locations
* Portable systems for all uses including food stalls & carts
* Solar powered swimming pool pumps.

Some of the above systems pay for itself within 1-3 years in some cases pending your current electricity or diesel generator running costs.

In addition to renewable energy systems MonoSun is also a distributor of 12- 24Volt DC Batteries & Equipment suitable for both marine and solar applications.

“MonoSun can help you generate all the power you need under the sun”

Drop in by and ask see and ask what may be suitable for your applications


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