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Chalong, South Phuket

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Web Connection is an online marketing company headed up by Jim Eawsakul and Kevin Rautenbach, both with years of experience in the local hotel on-line business. Web Connection provides online booking tools and systems to Hotels and Resorts of all sizes across South East Asia.

Our mission is to increase profits for hotels by providing a complete online marketing solution that drives business to their direct revenue channels as well as providing tools that assist hotels to more effectively manager their OTA’s


Channel Manager

Using our Channel Management system allows you to distribute your room inventory to hundreds of online booking agents simultaneously and manage them all with one easy-to-use tool that automatically updates rates and room availability across all sites, boosting efficiency, opening more markets and increasing your booking and revenue. The Internet is the fastest growing source of bookings for hotels today, so don't miss out on your hotel's revenue potential because of technology or efficiency challenges. Our market leading Channel Management software can help your hotel to not only gain more online bookings from a multitude of world wide distribution channels, but it allows you to manage all of them from one easy to use and reliable web interface. By exposing your hotel across many international and local booking sites, your brand name will reach further and you will also see which OTA websites perform best for you.


EasyBooking On-Line Booking Engine

Hotels should not miss the opportunity in the growing trend for online reservations and by using our EasyBooking online booking solution you will enable potential guests to book direct from your website with a secure, easy to use and quick system. By using our hotel booking system, more visits to your website will convert into online reservations, boosting your direct bookings and saving you money. But its not just you that benefits, it provides potential guests with an easy and fast way to make a reservation. Our EasyBooking online booking system can be customized to match your website giving an integrated and coordinated appearance and seamless feel.


Hotel Web Design

Fully customized hotel websites that not only look stunning, but drive direct online business. Choose from one of our Hotel CMS Designs or allow one of our professional design team to create a unique, fully customized website.


Mobile Hotel Website

Smartphone users are booking hotels on the go so stay connected with a branded Hotel Mobile Website.


Search Engine Marketing

SEM relies on people searching for specific keywords and finding relevant information. SEM means that you are bringing in visitors who are actually interested in your hotel and who would be more likely to explore your hotel offering, book and keep coming back.

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  1. Was surprised by the amount of services they offered, however I only have a small restaurant so for me the price was too much, as they provided too much for what I needed. I think there services are more suitable for medium and above size businesses, especially for hotels, they are good.

    • Dear Chanarong, thank you for your positive feedback about our services. We are always happy to look at smaller projects. Please feel free to send your request directly to me and I will revert with the best possible quotation. Kindest Regards.

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