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Wedding Planner Phuket is your professional wedding planner and organiser who can create any style of wedding ceremony you wish for your most important day. You can also choose your wedding location whether in a beautiful hotel or on a quiet beach.

Our services are available in Phuket and also in other nearby locations and our specialist planners are ready to make your dreams to be true. We can arrange different styles of ceremony including Thai, Western, Indian Wedding and any other styles you like.

We can arrange ceremony outside Phuket by using our network of professional service providers for wedding in other locations like Khao Lak, Krabi, Samui, etc. Whether you want the entire wedding to be planned and arranged or a specific event managed, you will find our services truly affordable and well worth it.

We work according to our client budget and would like our potential clients to know that our services are not add on cost but we work with the client to help them save their time and money.


Thai Wedding Ceremony

The Thai wedding is a living kaleidoscope of music and dance, reflecting the beauty and grace of Thai culture.


Western Wedding Ceremony

Whatever your requirements, we would be happy to fulfill the needs and dreams of each couple.


Indian Wedding Ceremony

Indian Weddings are vibrant and colorful events and most of the ceremonies are accompanied by dance and music.


Other Ceremonies Available

We take a special delight when we produce the more weddings that demand aspects to be adhered to.


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