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THE PHUKET COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is not like a conventional charity. For a start, it has a sweeping remit. Its stated mission is ‚To help maintain or improve the quality of life in Phuket for everyone ‚ regardless of their origins, their beliefs, or their social or financial status ‚ with particular emphasis on poverty alleviation; preserving the environment; education (of both children and adults); promoting art and culture; preserving the island’s architectural and historical heritage; improving public safety; and boosting public health.‚

How on earth is the PCF going to do all of this? Simple: It’s not. To use an analogy, the PCF is to charitable or community work what a bank is to industry. Banks make nothing. They do not own factories, hire workers or turn steel into cars. What they do instead – and it’s a vital role – is support industry and commerce through funding, through expert advice and by providing transparency.

In much the same way, the PCF was established, not to compete with existing community organisations and charities but to support them by helping to source funds, by providing expert advice or volunteers and by giving social projects the transparency that is otherwise often lacking.


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