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Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Money Exchange Rates in Phuket Town

Phuket currency exchange – since 1992

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  1. If I think of money exchange I will think of NC Plus. Small air conditioned shop near Robinson Department Store. They offer worldwide exchange rates, I was given a good rate for my exchange from Eur to Baht comparing to most banks & other exchange counters I have ever used. I believe NC Plus is currently the best for money exchange in Phuket Town.

  2. The NC Plus always offers better exchange rates than the banks… I don’t know why but whatever I used them more than 3 times so far for my exchange from THB to HKD, SGD and even CNY. The map above is quite accurate, to get there just follow it!

  3. Last year was my first time to abroad; Malaysia.
    After a recommendation from local people, I had money exchange at NC Plus Phuket. At the entrance of ex-Thavorn Grand Plaza Hotel and Phuket Expo Shopping Square. They gave me quite high rate (may be better than some commercial banks)

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