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Cherngtalay Sub-District Administrative Organization

3.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
Cherng Talay, North Phuket

Cherngtalay Sub-District Administrative Organization or locally called Aor Bor Tor is sited on a street opposite the Tesco Lotus Cherng Talay. You can see the office on your right hand side around 50 metres from the street beginning. An available spacious parking space makes every visit is comfortable.

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  1. Their service improved a lot when compared to many years ago. However, their system still old and still use a lot of papers. I got there to pay taxes, their staff keep finding the folder of my company info amidst hundreds of them. This took them almost 20 minutes to find it then searched for it again in their computer database, then back to paper again. Their manager and staff are smiley and friendly though, so this is a good sign of positive improvement.

  2. We had to go there to pay for our office’s billboard tax. The chief executive himself was very good man, friendly and helpful, but the officers seemed very indifferent and not that friendly. But we realise this thing happens in every government office.

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