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International Driver’s License Issued By the International Automobile Association

The International Driver’s document issued by the International Automobile Association is a translation of a national driver’s license which allows the motorist to drive in different territories without experiencing difficulties with various language barriers.

As a security feature, to avoid any forgery of INTERNATIONAL DRIVER’S LICENSE, is the Security Shield Hologram that covers each card. It protects the card, prolongs its life and also eliminates any possibilities of counterfeiting.

An International Driver’s Document issued by IAA consists of two parts, a plastic card and a passport-like booklet. The motorist should carry both at all times, along with the original license.

We have two different licenses available: A 10-year license for 5,500 baht and a 20-year license for 6,500 baht. This license is valid in over two hundred countries around the world, listed below on this page.


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