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Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Phuket Cable Co., Ltd. is a popular cable TV provider in Phuket. We offer more than 400 digital cable Tv channels with 24 hour broadcasting.

Our channels come with a good mix of entertainment, sports, music, movies, documentary and news. Every interesting worldwide channel in any languages can be found here.

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  1. This whole past week until now, the channel has been totally out of order for 2 whole days, then they fixed it and now for the past 2 days every channel is so snowy you can’t watch it, and the sound is gone. They have no one watching the channels to check for quality, they don’t answer the phone, and when they eventually do tell us their technician only starts at 08:30 am. We pay for 24 hour cable tv, but can’t deduct the delinquent days, what kind of a BS operator is this ? They change channels mid-movie without explanation or notice, or channels just disappear, or English language channels suddenly have their languages changed thai.

  2. Wait for rain and the already poor quality goes from bad to worse.

  3. They change channels in the middle of movies, sometimes no channel for days and/or no sound. They don’t answer the phone, repeating same old movies over and over and over again….very very poor!!!!

  4. Used this paid local cable for nearly 5 years. Some channels are good but there are still a lot of low quality channels. Wanna change to a satellite like True visions… time to move to HD!

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