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Cherngtalay Police Station

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Cherng Talay, North Phuket

Cherng Talay Police Station is conveniently located at a corner of T junction of Cherng Talay. The station’s entrance is only available at its south gate and there is a parking space inside. The main office which offers 24/7 service is sited in the front building. English speaking officers are available to help with international requests.

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  1. I didn’t personally like to be in such place somehow, not because I did something wrong but just a feeling. Well, I had to accompany a close friend whose car was crashed by a drunk driving man. The police took both parties to the station for investigation. The problem was the drunk man couldn’t speak Eng but something else Russian, German or French, I had no idea. The officers in charge there were helpful and they tried to call their friends who might be able to help communicate with the man. Finally, the man had to be in jail for drunk driving issue. We had to return the day after when he recovered for my friend’s compensation and insurance. We must thank all the officers.

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