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Sirinath Marine National Park
Thalang, North Phuket

Sirinath Marine National Park is on the North West coast of Phuket. It covers an area of around 90 sq km, about 68 sq km is marine ocean and 22 sq km is land. It opened in 1981 and was named Had Nai Yang National Park. Due to the enlargement of the park and in commemoration of the 60th birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Sirikit, the park name was changed in 1992 to Sirinath Marine National Park.

The park covers four connecting beaches :-

Hat Nai Thon Beach which is quiet with pine trees suitable for swimming for most of the year.

Hat Nai Yang Beach which is more isolated, popular for family and friend under the trees picnics, the sea current is strong here so check warning flags to ensure if it is safe to swim and do not swim during the rainy monsoon season, there is also a visitors centre there.

Hat Mai Khao Beach is the longest beach and home to luxury resorts such as the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, it often has strong currents and big powerful waves, so swimming is not advised.It is also a home for leatherback sea turtles.

Hat Sai Kaeo Beach is long and sandy and Phuket’s most northern beach.

There are also two types of forest in Sirinath Marine National Park, Mangrove and Beach Forests.

The Marine Park extends 5 km out to sea and contains reefs and bays and is popular with snorkelers. Sea depth is normally around 4 to 7 metres.


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