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Jeff & Glen

Review of Pra Tong Temple (Wat Phra Thong)

Must visit place if you come to Phuket. The half-buried golden Buddha is really amazing! Our Thai friend told us the legend, very interesting. The temple is not big, has beautiful and colorful features also museum with donated historical things such as tin mining paraphernalia, Javanese daggers, Chinese’s feet reducing shoes, etc.


Review of Chalong Temple (Wat Chalong)

Took just over an hour to look around the temple and wax museum. We donated money for flowers, small candles, gold leaf and scented sticks which we offered to the monk statues, our guide explained what to do. Had the fright of my life when someone let off some fire crackers inside a brick shell structure, the noise was loud and unexpected, it made us jump out of our skins


Review of Pra Tong Temple (Wat Phra Thong)

The hidden half Buddha Statue story about the temple is interesting. Not a huge temple so only took 40 minutes to look around. Had a car park and is sign posted from the airport rd. Worth a look if in the north of the island but not worth a special trip


Review of Chalong Temple (Wat Chalong)

Must visit place if you are coming to Phuket. You can donate any amount of money in donation box then get a flower, candle and joss stick to pray. You can also visit wax museum which is very sacred. Do not forget to dress properly!

A visit to a Thai Buddhist temple is a must for every visitor in Phuket. The most popular being Wat (temple) Chalong on the southern side of the island.

It is important to observe decorum and etiquette while visiting temples in Thailand. Some points to remember include removing your shoes before entering, do not wear shorts, remove hats, do not smoke or chew gum, avoid loud conversations, do not touch or climb Buddha statues and do not take photographs during a worship ceremony. Avoid pointing and do not point the bottoms of your feet towards any person or image of Buddha.

Other centers of worship in Phuket are also listed below.

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