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Butcher Elite Beef
3.6 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
Kathu, Phuket Town & Central

This Butcher Elite Beef, a Japanese style BBQ Buffet with non-smoke indoor grill can be easily found on the left hand side when heading to Patong. It is located right at the corner of the main road before turning left to Prince Of Songkha University. Enjoy good quality and fresh product and delicious homemade sauce in an informal atmosphere.




Top Blade


Chicken Marinated


Chicken Tumeric


Seaweed Salad




Cab Rib






Garlic Cheese Bread

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  1. Offering yakiniku-style BBQ, Butcher Elite Beef is highly recommended for meat lovers whether for lunch or dinner with families or group of friends. The restaurant is easily found on the left hand side when driving to Patong from Phuket Town, around 600 metres before the Phuket Coutry Club near the entrance of the Prince of Songkla University. The restaurant has a casual and relaxed interior setting and each table is equipped with a smokeless grill. A wide range of fresh products such as beef, chicken, pork, and seafood as well as vegetables are provided.

  2. One of my favorite restaurant!! There are varieties of meats and sea food.
    I always pay extra for the premium buffet to enjoy the meat and Bread with garlic and cheese. Well worth it.

  3. Was there once many months ago when they were newly open. That time their service was not that pleasing to us but they have done a lot better job during our recent visit. Apart from service quality, the things that impressed us were their freshness of ingredients, cleanliness of equipment and last but not the least deliciousness of their food. We enjoyed both their seafood and meat.

  4. Went with my girlfriend and some of her friends , I was the only foreigner, but it was busy with young Thai customers, looked like students from the close by university. Had a good selection of protein items to bbq like prawns, beef, chicken and fish as well as veggies like different types of mushrooms, seaweed and baby corn. Better to go in a group as more fun to share and can order different things. Thought the food was good and the bbq concept fun and social. Not in a tourist area so local prices, cheap!

  5. 289 BBQ Buffet is worth to try. Fresh meat and seafood. I like the atmosphere, just small restaurant, so not too busy. Their sauce quite nice, not too spicy, a bit sour but I think very tasty when eat with seafood.

  6. Nice and clean restaurant. Good atmosphere, not too busy and very good ventilate system. Free wifi. Seafood very fresh but their sauce too sour for me. There are fresh vegetable and beef in packs which ready to cook by yourself. Services very slow even not busy and confuse staff. They did not note our orders, I think they just remember, not surprise why they always serve wrong menu, number and wrong table!

  7. My friends and I went there in Apr and we phoned them asking if there were any special offers. We were told there was 4 pay only 3 promotion for eating period 11am-03pm. Not only because of promotion, but we decided to eat there because of their good quality product and satisfying services. Very fair price…especially for the drink – no markup like other restaurants we had been to.

  8. I went to this restaurant only once when I had to see my friends in Prince of Songkla University. Not difficult to find the place and parking space. But when I arrived there, too early so there was no buffet yet. I could only have a la cart which is a bit expensive. The quality of meat in my dish was not that good. I think there are more choices with better quality in the restaurants of department store like Central Festival.

  9. Ate here last week and they were running a promotion – 4 dine for price of 3. Not sure if its still going on now. Mostly Thai customers and prices very reasonable. Most expensive item was 250 baht. Very decent and tasty meal.

  10. I know this restaurant from my nephew. It is a small restaurant in Kathu area, just before PSU on the way to Patong. I think it is a great choice if you like BBQ but prefer somewhere not too busy or lazy to go Central. Price is reasonable. I paid around 400 Baht. I have been there with my husband and my nephew, we ordered Chicken, Pork, some Seafood and vegetable…it fresh!! Sauce is nice, not spicy. My nephew really like Garlic Bread with cheese…he’s a really cheese :-) The owner is Thai and friendly.

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