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Butterfly Bistro & I.T. service

4.0 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
Karon, West Phuket

Situated on Aroona Road, 50 metres from the main Karon Beach Road, just a few metres from The Old Phuket Resort is where the yellow tone, one storey structure Butterfly Bistro & I.T. Service is situated. This fan cooled, open to the air establishment serves various styles of seafood, Thai dishes that are made not too spicy and European food such as steaks, sandwiches and pizzas. IT services they offer include free wireless internet and use of laptops. They also can arrange long term (6 days or more) motorcycle hire.

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  1. My husband and i eat there a few times on our honeymoon. The staff are soo friendly. We made friends with sien the guy that waits out the front and encouraged you to come in. Will definitely go back if we ever go back to thailand.

  2. Good pizza, decent price…. place was packed but service was pretty good. My GF liked her chicken penang.

  3. A bit of everything on the menu. Thai food was decent, large quantities for resonable cost. The Satay, springrolls and fried rice combo plate was good.

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