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Hong Kong Restaurant

Phuket Town
9 reviews

Laem Thong Restaurant

Phuket Town
5 reviews

The Royal Kitchen

4 reviews

Red Chopsticks Karon Phuket

2 reviews

Chockchai Dim Sum Restaurant

Phuket Town
1 review

White Palm Restaurant

Phuket Town
1 review
Recently Added

Rosniyom Dim Sum Restaurant

Boonrat Gold Dim Sum Restaurant

Boonrat Dim Sum 1 Restaurant at Bangkok Road

Sieng Sian Restaurant

Lock Tien Food Court

Yan Suki Phuket

The BaBa Urban Heritage Cusine

Racharod Dim Sum Phuket

Super Dim Sum 1 Restaurant Phuket Town

Juan Heang Dim Sum 2 Restaurant at Phoonpon Road

Juan Heang Dim Sum 1 Restaurant

Lan Dim Sum Restaurant

Chockchai Dim Sum Restaurant

Get Ho Dim Sum Restaurant

Red Chopsticks Karon Phuket

Latest Reviews
Jane & Ble

Review of Rosniyom Dim Sum Restaurant

One of my favorite dim sum restaurant. Fresh and very tasty. Plenty food to choose from, dim sum, boiled rice, Chinese soup, noodle, rice and even Pad Thai. Food always good and very good prices. Perfect place for breakfast.


Review of Red Chopsticks Karon Phuket

Thoughtfully designed with a high ceiling, so that it is cool and pleasant to eat. Starters battered squid and chicken satay were moist and soft, liked the massaman curry with its chunky onions, potatoes and chicken, not that spicy as I think they add coconut milk to the sauce. Felt safe to eat here as had a open plan kitchen that was clean and we could see the chefs preparing and cooking all the food. Comfort chairs and our waitresses spoke good English. Drinks we had watermelon shakes, which were pretty good but just a tad sweet for us.


Review of Super Dim Sum 1 Restaurant Phuket Town

This is the one of popular dim sum, you should go there early morning because they always busy around 7-8 am. I love their dim sum very delicious and I would recommended “Bak-Kut-Teh” (Pork Soup) very very yummy. I like it.


Review of Chockchai Dim Sum Restaurant

Always busy but sill love to come here with family. So many things to eat! Dim sum only 12-15 Baht. Many choice of local food such as Thai Rice noodle with curry, Mee Sua (Chinese noodle soup) and other like American Breakfast, Boil Rice, Rice with roasted duck, pork and chicken. All yummy!

Chinese immigrants arrived in Phuket nearly 200 years ago to work in the tin mines. Today their influence remains present and Chinese cuisine can be found in many restaurants on the island.

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