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The Royal Kitchen

Patong, West Phuket

The Royal Kitchen is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Patong, Phuket. This Chinese restaurant offers a sumptuous array of fine Chinese cuisines in the most romantic ambience on top of the tallest tower in Patong. Its impressive panoramic views of Patong Bay together with the opulent interiors of the imperial dining hall make the delicate flavour of the Chinese food here even more enjoyable.

The Royal Kitchen is located on 25th floor, Paradise wing of The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa.

One of the most romantic restaurants in Patong, Take the lift of Heavenly Forgetfulness to dine in the Era of imperial resplendence while enjoying panoramic views of 180 Patong’s bay from the top of the island’s tallest hotel tower, where the highest standard of Chinese cuisine is served. Indulge in the opulent interiors of an ancient- like imperial dining hall and experience the delicate flavors of its splendid. Chinese cuisine served at its best.


  1. Place was almost empty when we got there for dinner. We got a table by the window that affords great views of Patong and the ocean. The menu is huge so it took a while to go through it. Service was fine and our dishes arrived very quickly. A bit on the high end pricing for Chinese but all in all it was quite good.

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  2. The Peking duck was fantastic. They carve it up tableside with the scallions and plum sauce rolled up in small pancakes. Then they took the duck away and prepared fried rice with the leftovers. Very good!

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  3. The decor hasn’t changed since it opened but put that aside and get a table by the window to take in the views from I think is the highest restaurant in Phuket. Not too many diners and lots of staff just hanging around. The food was delivered quickly and it was a nice evening.

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  4. This is the place for Peking Duck. The restaurant is on the top floor of the hotel and commands great views of Patong and Phuket.
    The service has always been professional and was told by the waiter that the chefs are Chinese.

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