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Starbucks @Jungceylon

3.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
Patong, West Phuket

A leading brand of coffee shop in the world with premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee, Starbucks Coffee is a great destination for those loving a cup of fresh coffee. We are situated directly at the entrance of Junceylon Shopping Complex, right next to the Haagen Dazs ice cream. Our popular menus consists of for example caffe latte, Americano, espresso and mocca. If you want a cup of great coffee while you are at the Junceylon, we Starbucks Coffee should be your pleasant choice.

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  1. I prefer tea to coffee and Starbucks offers a choice of around 4 teas.. all in tea bag form. I like the English Breakfast tea. Not crazy priced, a mug of tea with milk is just under 100 baht. I am also a sucker for there raisin cookies, they are thicker and slightly sweeter that cookies I have in other Starbucks, I think they source them locally. Could do with a few more comfy chairs and sofas.

  2. Good choice to kill time and relax after hard shopping. Locate by the main road. I usually set up short meet with freind here before a night party.

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