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Eastland @ The Pavilions, Phuket

Cherng Talay, North Phuket

Eastland encompasses a stunning site on The Pavilions, Phuket’ eastern flank, surrounded by lush forest and a former rubber plantation, overlooking a reflection lake.

By day, Eastland is all about chilling. Although each of The Pavilions’ 49 private villas features its own pool, the lap pool at Eastland offers the chance to stretch out, relax or even work out. Light lunches, smart salads, crisp cocktails and fruit boosters are the order of the day.

By night, things get hotter. Eastland becomes a mysterious wonderland, where flickering torches, sparkling stars and the ever-present jungle speak to your wilder side.
Once dark descends, Eastland offers an intimate and romantic couples-only dining experience, where honeymooners, lovers and dreamers can flirt with nature as well as each other.

This unique venue is also available to host Phuket’s most exotic and exclusive functions, from exclusive soirees and luxury product launches, to swanky cocktails under the stars and private full moon parties.

  1. Eastland is a new addition to the dining options at the Pavilions Phuket, a luxurious hilltop resort in Layan. Comprised of a thatched roof bamboo structure, the restaurant features a lap pool and is set beside a reflection lake. The venue is ideal for chilling around the pool or lake by day while enjoying a casual lunch, while in the evening the atmosphere becomes more intimate with torchlight providing the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

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