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Shawarma Express @Jungceylon

4.3 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
Patong, West Phuket

The kiosk look Shawarma Express @ Junceylon serves Mediterranean Arab cuisine and Turkish kebab with 3 different meats including lamb, beef and chicken. They are cooked on a vertical spit and sliced off to order and served wrapped in bread with salad and a dressing. The popular menus are Pita Shawarma, Falafel in Pita or Roll plus salad and French Fries. This Turkish style eatery is sited in front of KFC on the ground floor of Sino Phuket Zone of the Junceylon Shopping Complex.

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  1. Good kebab place and prompt friendly service by staff. Great for takeaway for dinner later. cheap prices.

  2. Not too sure if it’s the best shawarma but probably the only place in Phuket – still prefer my regular back in London after clubbing.

  3. I have enjoyed eating here a number of times, the best part about here is a fast drink and watching food made for you fairly quick. If you sit at bar stools they serve you faster as that want you moving out way,
    it also give best view of surrounds.

  4. The chicken kebabs were very good as was the shawarma. Authentic Middle Eastern in the middle of Phuket. Very modestly priced for quantity of food.

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