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Hong Kong Restaurant
4.6 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

This long established, well respected restaurant serves great Cantonese and Chinese dishes, that has a real authentic taste. It specializes in seafood and the well maintained, filtered, clean live fish tanks hold a very diverse, good selection of fish and shell fish including live crabs, tiger prawns, lobsters, clams and crayfish. They also have duck and vegetarian dishes. The Hong Kong Restaurant, Phuket is located right in the heart of Phuket Town, on Rassada Road, diagonally opposite to the rear entrance of Krung Thai Bank, about 50 metres from the Fountain Traffic Roundabout. This is definitely one of the best places to go for Chinese food in Phuket.


Shark's fin


Steamed fish


Fried crab with chilli salt


Stir fried lobster with ginger & spring onion


Peking Duck

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  1. Located in the heart of Phuket Town, Hong Kong Restaurant is one of the island’s most renowned and longest established Chinese restaurants. The menu is authentic Cantonese with an emphasis on fresh seafood, which you can select from the tanks containing live fish, shrimp and crabs. The restaurant can be found on Ratsada Road just before the traffic circle.

  2. Hong Kong Restaurant is a culinary gem in the middle of Phuket City. This is traditional Cantonese food with excellent seafood dishes including a live selection. The short wine list is decent but not overpriced. Highly recommended.

  3. One of the best choice of Chinese restaurant in Phuket. Very fresh seafood and quick service. I wonder how they cook! it was quite busy when we were there, but we did not wait for long. All foods were delicious, especially mantis shrimp. Try it your self!

  4. Surprisingly had a really good seafood meal here. We selected our own choice of fish and shell fish from the tanks. The restaurant was bright and clean, in fact the lighting was a little too bright but only a minor comment. Staff’s english was limited but they were friendly and not a real issue. Real Chinese food here not rubbish tourist commercial food

  5. I had dinner at this restaurant only once. Very good taste and many Chinese food available on menu but a bit expensive. So, It is only for my special occasion. The location is in the heart of Phuket town. If you love Chinese food this can also be one of your choice.

  6. Finally made it into Phuket town and stopped here for an early dinner. Very pleasant and the staff, though farang challenged, made us welcome.
    The deep fried crab with garlic was absolutely delicious.

  7. What a treat this place was. Getting to choose your own dinner from a fish tank is neat and not something we get to do back home. It was cooked with garlic and really delicious.

  8. Based on the review above we tried this place out. Phuket Town is quite a drive for us but we were very pleased to have made the trip.
    Real Chinese – we needed some help with the menu but the staff were pleased to recommend some great dishes.

  9. Authentic Chinese in Phuket Town.
    The lady manager will help you with some recommendations. We ordered the mantis shrimp which were huge and also tried the grouper fish. They came out of a tank and were still alive before being carried away to the kitchen. We also had the Hong Kong broccoli and it delicious. This is a truly authentic Chinese eatery, not a US style Chinese. The service was excellent and you don’t have to wait long for the food. They must have a giant wok in the kitchen.

    • We appreciated of your comments and thanks for your coming.

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