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Shabu Shi @Jungceylon
2.8 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
Patong, West Phuket

Shabu Shi @Jungceylon, Patong is a Japanese style restaurant that offers buffet dining that includes pork, beef, chicken, bacon, salmon and shrimp in yummy soup, all these are called Shabu Shabu. There are also freshly made sushi being served on a conveyor belt that moves past every table and the counter seats. Drinks and desserts include green tea, fruit juice, soda and ice cream. Our limited eating time per person per meal is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Shabu Shi Restaurant comes with sushi bar, tempura bar and a tepanyaki bar. We are situated in the Port Zone on ground floor the Shopping Complex.

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  1. It was good value for money but I think the selection could be better. Also when they ran out of a few things like tempura shrimp and california maki, it took a long time for them to be replenished. Not ideal as you are on a clock. Somtam soup was okay. My friend had the milky soup that was a bit bland and not so tasty. I recommend going when its not so busy.

  2. The shrimp tempura and tempura veggies were good. Sushi was ok.

  3. From the outside it looks like lots of fun, but the food is quite bland, textureless, and far from fresh. Even the appearance of variety is quite misleading, as the same boring meats and only three vegetables keep coming around and around. Even if it’s obvious nobody wants something, they leave it on the conveyor belt. It does not warrant nearly 400 baht each.

  4. Endless variety of sushi. In comparison with other Japanese restaurants quite reasonable. Good place for a quick snack if in the mall.

  5. I love their tom-yum soup, rice ball and sushi, but conveyor belt food is boring! They charge nearly 400 Baht per person which is quite high when compared to their food quality and eating time limit.

  6. Be aroused with the large selection of mouth watering dishes pass on a rotating conveyor belt. Don’t like a limited eating time, a bit pricey.

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