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Laem Hin Seafood Restaurant
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Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Laem Hin Seafood Restaurant is second to none in terms of setting, and delicious Thai cuisine and freshly caught seafood are all really reasonable priced. Excellent for a casual dinner night out in a unique location The outdoor terrace has been built on slits and sits right over the water, and faces towards Coconut Island. It is sited on Phuket?s East Coast, at the end of Laem Hin Pier at the end of Soi Baan Laemhin, off Thepkasatri Road ( Airport Road,) follow the signs for the Village Coconut Island. It is a good idea to arrive early and enjoy a meal while watching the sunset.


Sweet and Sour Prawns


Crab Cakes


Tom Praet Talay


Steamed White Snapper


Yam Ta Krai


Yam Gung Seab


Yam Tua Pu

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  1. Laem Hin Seafood Restaurant has a very fresh seafood with good quality taste, A good place to entertain my friends and my family when they come to visit me at Phuket. This restaurant always busy but I love to booked the table in advance. we had very good time there and love to go back again.

  2. Deep fried fish with Thai herbs, spicy salad, steamed crabs and seafood tom yam soup were all great. I enjoyed sitting outside and we were lucky that rain stopped for a while. Cool breeze and delicious food, this was superb!

  3. Laem Hin Seafood Restaurant has a fantastic setting with many seats actually on the pier. I recommend visiting in the early evening and watching the Sun set. The food is fantastic, with much of the seafood landed fresh within yards of the restaurant. Everything here is good but I recommend the jumbo shrimp.

  4. Everything is excellent, view, foods and the price but some staffs. They are an open air and quite busy on weekend. So, It is better to check the forecast and book in advance.

  5. We were asking our taxi for a nice Thai Sea food restaurant and he took us there.
    Sea food was fresh and good taste but you better make sure if you can’t eat Thai spicy
    Then tell them for less spicy than usual 😉 It was a good choice anyway.

  6. Their seats on the outdoor terrace were very relaxing and we were lucky we got there during high tide. The sea looked very nice and very good sea breeze. Well come back to the restaurant, their services were pleasant and fast, we didn’t have to wait for for long. I enjoyed their fried deep fish topping with spicy Thai herb. Crab, shrimp and other dishes were all yummy. Our children loved the sweet sauce prawn and fried seafood cakes. Our wonderful dinner there.

  7. Taxi took us to this restaurant, he said its very popular and we would never found it without him. The view from the restaurant was very beautiful and relax with cool breeze from the sea. The seafood was very fresh and tasty. Price was very good value for money, we definitely come back on our next holiday.

  8. Laem Hin Seafood is my favorite restaurants very good place if you looking for local food with fresh seafood, price are reasonable.They cooked quite quick and taste was great.Love to go back.

  9. So much different from the maddest of Patong, It was a 40 minute drive from Patong but worth it. Simple style table and chairs but the seafood was great. Guess like Patong was many years ago before it became so commercial.

  10. Yummy…Yummy Seafood. Many menus are delicious and the price are reasonable. Their staffs are very good and service mind. Very impressive. I will be back here again when I visit Phuket.

  11. Just been here 1st time! I like their atmosphere and view, we were lucky that we reached there during the sunset moment, could not see the sunset but colorful sky, very nice and romantic. Food was delicious and seafood was very fresh. We ordered a lot and not disappointed. You must try Meng Pla Kra Pong and Tom Yum! very tasty. It is much cheaper than the restaurant near the beach that we been. Just one complaint, it was very busy so it took about half an hour for a bill.

  12. Great location and very nice food, price are reasonable, we love to order Tom Yam seafood, service were very good and fast.This is very good place if you looking for local food with fresh seafood.This restaurant always busy but I love to booked the table in advance.

  13. No easy to find such on stilt (over water or maybe muddy sea) seafood restaurant in Phuket. I was there twice 1st time during low tide which was not so good cos we could see dirty mud around. But the latter one during high tide and the feeling was absolutely different, a lot more relaxing actually. Their seafood is fresh and food taste was not bad. They are very popular for tour groups, so booking in advance is recommended.

  14. They improve a lot compared to my last visit. Quicker service even very busy with Chinese tour groups. Foods are excellent, this time we tried new menu “Mieng Pla Ka Pong” it was very yummy, deep fried fish eaten with Thai herb and sweet sauce. You must try!

  15. We were disappointed at first as it was very very busy when we were there! We waited about 15 minutes and got a table at the dark zone! We were very hungry, ordered a lot…local shrimp paste, Tum Yum seafood, Crab in pepper sauce, Fish curry in banana leaf..etc. Hmm..all is yummy and very quick…so we were happy at the end. We will return but not the weekend..too busy.

  16. Always busy at weekend with a lot of local people. We love every spicy menu they have like Tom pret (strong taste soup), sour mango salad with crispy shrimp, fried fresh fish in a sweet but hot chilli sauce, black pepper crab and many kinds of shells. All are fresh and we are never disappointed. We fall in love with this sea view seafood restaurant.

  17. We stayed at The Coconut Village Island Resort and this restaurant is right close to the pier. Huge selection of seafood and very fresh, inexpensive prices, good quality food and service.

  18. Good and fresh food with ok price. Not far from the town area. I meant around 10 minutes car drive away. We can choose fresh seafood from their fish net cage, opting its type and size or any we like. They cooked quite quick and taste was great. I had a very good time here with my family and friends.

  19. Great local seafood place with dozens of choices available. Our waiter had a slightly tough time understanding us but he managed and even though we ended up with an extra red snapper, all was fresh, tasty and prices not unreasonable.

  20. Located on the pier where you can catch boats to Coconut Island. We have been here four times and its always busy at lunch. Plenty of locals and maybe out of town Thais make up most of the crowd – so you know it has to be fresh and reasonable. I recommend this place for fresh seafood.

  21. If you come to Phuket. This is one of the restaurant that you must visit. After I live in Phuket and my friends come to visit me. This restaurant also my 1st choice to take my friend here. On the good weather, I will sit outside on the float pier. Even you always see many customer there at all time, but the foods come fast. The Seafood is a must. Fresh and taste good.

  22. We went there on weekend, very busy, car park was nearly full. The restaurant is on stilts in the sea, giving nice views but not that pleasing during low tide cos of sea mud’s smell. Seafood…fresh and tasty but not too pricey. Another good place to eat on our list!

  23. Super busy last weekend and the service was chaotic but once our food started to arrive – in stages – it was all excellent. I gather most diners were Thais in from BKK.

  24. Last weekend we had a colleague’s mini farewell party here. We choose this seafood restaurant because it is located on shore. (Some of us don’t like floating restaurant) Beautiful view across the bay to nearby Coconut Island. Reasonable price, many tasty menu, especially the steamed White Snapper with lime…

  25. Good food, good place but very busy especially during weekend it takes sometime to wait so you should book a table before. I have been there many time and never disappointed with the food, I love everything!

  26. Laem Hin Seafood is one of my favorite restaurants. It is a good place to entertain your friends or family with a good seafood, local Thai food and atmosphere. It’s always busy, so should make a reservation before :-)

  27. Some Thai friends took us here during our last holiday. The food was very tasty, especially the steamed fish with lime – yummy! And very reasonable prices. Nice view across the bay. Will be back.

  28. Nice location on the water. Seafood is good and very fresh. I always enjoy the crabs in curry sauce here. Prices very reasonable. Main negative is that service is very hit or miss but no different to other local seafood places. A little bit hard to find the turning off the main road. You need to keep an eye out for the sign for “The Village Coconut Island”. Once you are in the soi just keep going to the end.

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