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Rimtang @Chalong
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Chalong, South Phuket

The pleasant ambience eatery , Rimtang @Chalong is set in a pretty garden and located beside a lake , opposite the rear entrance of the well-known Chalong Temple. It has 3 zones including indoor space decorated with art objects , an outdoor coffee bar/cafe and large balcony facing the lagoon and lush tropical garden. Delectable , well presented Thai and Western foods can be ordered and eaten here. Also they have an onsite gift souvenir shop where Phuket local food and souvenirs can be purchased. There is 2nd Rimtang Restaurant , located in Phuket Town , on Thung Kha Road , 5 minutes walk from the Phuket Merlin Hotel.


Chao Kuay Cha Kiaw Tunyaphut


Chao Kuay Ruammit


Khao Niaw Mamuang


Kang Som Cha Aom Kung


Kung Aob @Chalong


Kung Sarhong


Tom Yum Moo Tun


Moo Tod Num Pla


Chao Kuay Nom Sod


Nam Prik Kung Seap

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  1. Rimtang @Chalong is the second branch of Rimtang Restaurant, which has its original premises in Phuket Town. It is positioned beside a peaceful lake along Soi Ta Aied near the well known Chalong Temple. Apart from a myriad of foods, Rimtang is very famous for its signature local dessert: Chao Kuey, also known as “black jelly”. Diners can choose to either sit indoors or on the outdoor terrace to enjoy the scenic lake views.

  2. Long time not come here, just stopped on weekend for the signature menu “Chao Kuay” I like the original one with sugar syrup and jack fruit..really yummy and fresh. Stable food quality and taste again!

  3. มีโอกาสไปไหว้พระที่วัดฉลองทีไร เป็นต้องแวะร้านนี้ทุกครั้งเลยครับ นึกถึงเฉาก๊วยอร่อยๆๆๆ นุ่มๆ หนึบๆ ใส่น้ำแข็งใสเย็นๆ กลิ่นหอมๆ หวานกำลังดี …. ฟินทุกครั้งเลยครับ :-) นอกจากเฉาก๊วยแล้ว ยังมีอาหารให้เลือกรับประทานอีกด้วยนะครับ ส่วนใหญ่เป็นอาหารสไตล์พื้นเมืองภูเก็ต และอีกหนึ่งที่แนะนำ ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วงครับ ที่นี่เค้าเด็ดจริงๆ ครับผม พูดถึงบรรยากาศร้านก็ดีนะครับ โล่ง โปร่ง สบายมากๆ เลยครับ พนักงานยิ้มแย้มแจ่มใสและบริการดีมากๆ

  4. I came here often for black jelly, it’s my favorite especially in hot weather Phuket! I like that there are two zone, outdoor and air conditioning. You must try Black Jelly with mix topping in Thai style like corn, bean,’s not too sweet, you will like it :-)

  5. Came across this restaurant towards the rear of Chalong Temple. mainly a Thai emnu with a few Western dishes thrown in. Ate inside as had air conditioning. They had guy singing but it was painful to listen too! Recommend the red chiken curry and mango sticky rice. Save money by ordering and sharing a large bottle of beer, cheaper that ordering small bottles. Clean, comfortable not super fancy but real taste Thai grub.

  6. We were surprised to find this large day time restaurant on a hidden street, near a busy temple. Not so ideal to sit outside around noon or afternoon, I could see lots of dust from trucks passing by that road for a construction somewhere. Sitting inside was a lot better. Thai food, salad and seafood were ok and their black jelly specialty was good. I think honestly this place seems more ideal for Thai people.

  7. Just visited here in the night time at Rimtang restaurant. Different feeling, not busy at all. The inside area with air-conditioning was close, so we sit outside. It is a bit too dark, I think should have more light, but ok nice and cool. The waitress welcome us with smile. We orders just a few menus, taste ok, but quite small portion and a bit pricey. There was a live music, one singer with a guitar…hmm.. I prefer radio or cd!!

  8. Fine lake and garden view. Highly recommended to try local dessert. Chao Kuey or black jelly is so famous here. Also sticky rice with mango very tasty and available some season, should try in summer season. One of a famous local food souvenir that is Nam Prik Kung Seap yummy as well as Chao Kuey. Can choose either open air or air condition. Easy to find here since it is behind Chalong Temple on Luang Pho Chaem Road.

  9. This is a 2nd branch. I think the food price is a bit higher than the first one in town. Anyway, the famous drink with the black jelly still as good as usual. It will never let you down.

  10. Chao Kuay or Black jelly here is the best one, my mom and my friend from BKK said. But for me I like Khao Tang Nga Tang (crispy rice with Thai style dip) and sticky rice with mango. They also have many local food which you also can buy as souvenir. Price is reasonable. It has a very nice atmosphere, besides the lake, has both open air and air conditioning zone. Recommended!

  11. I personally like the grass jelly (black jelly) very much and this place can always give me what I want. Their grass jelly or Chao Kuay in syrup is my favourite… very yummy! The lakeside setting and garden surroundings make its atmosphere very relaxing and airy. Great food at a very good place!

  12. Has a nice setting beside the lake. We tried some local dishes which were ok. The outside seating overlooking the lake was quite nice. But I think they should make the inside area nicer. Its a bit like a canteen.

  13. Songkran Festival this year is my 2nd time to Phuket.
    After visited “Wat Chalong” we had lunch at “Rimtang Restaurant” It is in superb location (opposite back door of the temple) with garden and lake views. Guests can choose indoor or open air sitting. My friend recommend “Nam Prik Kung Seap” which is famous local food. I like “Chao Kuay Cha Kiaw Tunyaphut and Khao Niaw Mamuang (sticky rice with mango) Good in hot day.

  14. Good food and very beautiful view ka

  15. Good food beautiful garden, excellent dessert, Mango Stick Rice, Castard Cake.
    If you come to Wat Chalong you guys have to come to Rimtang @ Chalong

  16. Very beautiful restaurant good food, nice view. I love a drink :)

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