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Patong Seafood Restaurant
3.2 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
Patong, West Phuket

The Patong Seafood Restaurant has been open since 1979 and is well positioned on Patong Beach Road, just around 150 metres north of Bangla Road. Diners can choose either to eat indoors or outdoors under the stars. Here diners select their own lobsters, crabs, king prawns, fish or other seafood from live tanks or iced counters, and have their seafood weighed, as seafood is priced per 100 gram. For non seafood lovers they offer a good selection of Thai meat and vegetarian dishes, plus also some International and Chinese dishes.

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  1. Nice location just across the street from the beach which was good for people watching. They had a huge selection of fresh seafood in tanks so you could choose yourself and they would cook it to your request, e.g prawns fried with garlic, fish was steamed with lime sauce. Everything was perfectly cooked and tasty. Staff a bit slow but friendly enough. not the cheapest place to eat but reasonable enough.

  2. After walking past Patong Seafood on numerous occasions we decided to give it a try. Food was pretty good, a bit expensive, but i can understand considering the prime location. The fish we ordered was really fresh and tasty. Curry crab was also good. Other dishes such as spring rolls were quite bland. Service was a bit slow and our waiter didn’t seem very friendly. Glad we finally tried it but probably won’t be back.

  3. Fresh seafood, we picked our lobster from the tank, checked the weight and agreed a price before sitting at our table. Better looking than some other restaurants we walked passed. Seems to cater more towards tourists, we had a good experience and time here. Communication with the staff was not too easy, leading to some minor confusion.

  4. The best thing about this place is the location. Other than that prepare to spend big money on pricey seafood. The only decent priced thing we enjoyed was the pineapple rice.

  5. Just remember while eating here that the fish and seafood is priced per 100 grams – to avoid any surprises on the bill! Food was fresh as promised but maybe because its low season the staff has been reduced.

  6. Patong Seafood Restaurant serves excellent seafood. The meals were top class, sadly that was not backed by the service or lack off and the staff who were surly and bordering on rude. The Margaritas lacked alcohol and were served warm. Don’t think I will bother with returning to this Patong icon again, my 1578 Baht for two people would be better spent elsewhere . Doug, Restauranteur, Gold Coast Australia

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