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Phuket Abalone Farm & Restaurant

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Koh Sirey, Phuket Town & Central

The Phuket Abalone Farm and Restaurant is situated about 4 kms from Phuket City in Ko Sire Village. Abalones slow-growing sea molluscs (sea snails) who’s flesh is highly valued as food, that can be eaten either raw or cooked. There are many species of abalone, the main one grown at the farm is the Variously Coloured Abalone. The farm has a restaurant that serves abalones and also Thai food. There is also a small shop where sauces, vacuum packed and other abalone by products can be purchased.

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  1. Brought the kids here for a “field trip” and they loved learning all about abalone, though they didn’t eat any! Good place for a day trip, something different and educational.

  2. An interesting place to visit and learn about this delicacy before trying them in their restaurant. Sliced sashimi style is the best and rare treat. You can even buy abalone sauce they make there.

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