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Buffalo Steak House @Karon
3.3 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
Karon, West Phuket

The Buffalo Steak House @Karon is an International chain, operated by a professional Scandinavian chef. This open-air eatery is ideally set on the Patak Road, an easy stroll from Karon Circle, located in front of the towering Waterfront Condo. The chef uses high quality food product, many are air flown in from Australia. As well as steaks including Wagyu, they also offer ribs, fish dishes, Thai food and pizzas. They also have branches at Kata Dino and Kata Plaza.

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  1. Ribs were good, meat was not tough and easy to get off the bone. keep space for the apple pie… it was wow. They also offer Thai food, but we wanted a night off from from Thai so did not try any, but what we saw coming out of the kitchen looked good. Somehow it lacked atmosphere, can’t put my finger on it but something was missing. Our waitress was acceptable no complaints, but lacked that extra smiley, customer contact touch.

  2. Saw its advertising banner on many Tuk Tuks, so we didn’t hesitate to try it with my friends. I had the pork fillet and Irish coffee while my partner tried the ribs divine, steak was good. In the evening, it was packed but the service still ok.

  3. They seemed empty when we were there, we ordered steak but found their meat was a bit dry while gravy taste was strange to me, maybe good for others. We saw they had Thai food, we wanted to try and ordered panang chicken which was good. This western restaurant could do better for Thai food than steak!

  4. The Aussie Sirloin I tried was ok, not great. Service was ok since it wasnt too busy I suppose. Maybe I should stick to seafood being on an island.

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