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Natural Restaurant (Thammachat)
4.3 out of 5 based on 28 reviews.
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The unique atmosphere Natural Restaurant which is locally known as Thammachat Restaurant is situated on one way street of Phuthorn around 5 minutes drive from Jui Tui Chinese Shrine. The dining zones are private and located on different levels , each comes with beautiful tropical plants and is well fitted with impressive wooden antiques. This interesting decor restaurant serves a wide selection of delicious Thai food such as young papaya salad , spicy minced pork salad , Tom Yam soup and many more. There are also special recommended menu options for example fresh oysters , grilled meat (Satay) , Northern Thai style spicy salad (Yam Nua), chicken galangal soup (Tom Kha Kai) and mixed seafood in hot plate. The food is great and price is reasonable.


Squid Garlic Sauce


Mushroom with Cathewnut




Barbeque Hot Plate

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  1. Natural Restaurant offers delicious authentic Thai cuisine in a unique and quirky setting. The restaurant is set in an old house which is decorated with fish tanks made out of old television, tables made from old sewing machines and all manner of unusual decorations hanging from the walls. You can dine inside or on the open-air terrace upstairs. Also known as Tammachat Restaurant, it is located along Soi Phutorn near Jui Tui Shrine in the heart of Phuket Town.

  2. Wonderful restaurant with variety choices of Thai and Western menus, I love this restaurant because is plenty of tree and plants around make me very fresh and cool. Good quality of food with good taste. Highly recommend.

  3. I have been here at least a dozen times and have never been disappointed with the food. I recommend the stuffed potato. It is good to sit upstairs in the open air surrounded by branches.

  4. We had a good time there with our family, Staff very helpful and polite, Very nice restaurant with variety choices of Thai food. We love the decoration from wood and very nice atmosphere I feel very fresh as trees and plants is around. Love to go back

  5. Amazing decoration, excellent services very very quick. All foods are delicious, I love it. Recommend you should book the table at the 3rd floor which is open air, more comfortable.

  6. Food was good there and staffs were very friendly and fabulous service. The price was much cheaper than restaurant we tried in Patong. Nice décor and ambiance.

  7. Nice restaurant with variety choices of Thai and Western menus. Highly recommend if you want to try real Thai food, good taste and reasonable price.

  8. We don’t need air con here because of trees and plants around. Nice view and reasonably priced,Good quality food with good taste. I enjoyed this kind of atmosphere, Good service and staff are very nice.

  9. Near Phuket downtown market, has a great atmosphere and I love wood furniture in this restaurant. You don’t need air con here because of trees and plants around. We like their menu with picture of each dish without that we could not imagine what the food looks like. Good quality food with good taste and also good service.

  10. I feel like eating in a northern house of Thailand like Chiangmai. Every furniture is from wood and restaurant structure itself is also from wood, not a modern style but classic and so not boring. I enjoyed this kind of atmosphere and feeling. Food there was not super wow but reasonably good, not too strong in any tastes, Thai style with medium taste…so ideal for us. We all enjoyed our lunch there.

  11. Good food, great atmosphere and friendly prices. I love their “Natural” setting, there are plenty of tree and plants around the restaurant..very fresh and cool even no air conditioning. Staff welcome us with smile and they speak quite good English. We had an excellent dinner and green curry and tom yum is the best!

  12. Was taken here by some friends who live in Phuket. I have been to Phuket before a few times but never spent much time in the town. All i can say is that the food here is so much better than by the beach. Great fish and other seafood dishes too. Loved the atmostphere of the old style house and the antiques, old tvs as fish tanks etc. Will be back next trip for sure.

  13. Very rustic look but absolutely attractive. When entering and stepping up to the higher levels, I felt like walking in a tree house. I couldn’t believe this place is in the centre of Phuket town. This is my first time to this place and my friend told me he would take me to an amazing restaurant in town… it was true…no doubt! Food were delighting, Thai style but they had a lot of experience on how to cook for non thai like us…not too strong. Amazing is what I can say.

  14. Good Thai food restaurant in Phuket town. Been there with my Thai friend, we had lunch there with interesting surroundings. Food and service were great. The cost was lot less than I thought it would be. I absolutely love this place.

  15. We had lunch at Thammachat Restaurant and were suggested by their staff to get to the upper floor (I don’t know really how to count their floors which are quite various and different). Anyway I at first thought it might be too hot on higher floor at noon, but it was the opposite, it was cool and mildly windy. Food were not disappointed, Thai style but still ideal for non-Thai.. not too spicy! We feel like dining in a wooden structure nursery with beautiful orchid and flowers hanging around. So delighting!

  16. I went here twice time. Many Menu both Thai and International food. Good taste and lovely atmosphere. I like to sit on the top floor since it is more quiet and it is naturally decorated with green trees. I recommended Tom Yum Koong.

  17. Inexpensive place to get some delicious Thai food. The curry dishes are all good and they are known for their Tom Yum soup. The decor is a mix match of all sorts of periods.

  18. I been here many many time with friend and family. We all love food and the atmosphere. Our favorite food are Tom Yum, Green curry, local Thai salad, we tried all menus :-) and last time we tried a new menu which is crap curry in potato ring…hmmm…very good, not spicy, my kids really like it. Price is very reasonable, staff speak quite good English and always recommend us good menus. Recommended :-)

  19. I went there just a couple time. Seem to be a famous restaurants. Many tourists. Food come fast and have many choices as well. They taste good. I really recommend the fresh mango juice.

  20. I went there just a couple time. Seem to be a famous restaurants. Many tourists. Food come fast and have many choices as well. They taste good. I really recommend the fresh mango juice.

  21. Liked the easy to use picture menu it helped us decide what to eat. Not expensive food or drinks, staff friendly, dishes that we ordered came were served at different times, but not a problem. Try the fruit shakes which come in a large glass pot. Tip more fun and better views upstairs.

  22. The restaurant is just nearby Phuket Town market. It’s very natural atmosphere with tasty food. They have both Thai and European food. I would recommend to order fresh orange juice. The rooftop floor is opened-air with a nice view of Phuket town. Good service and staff are very nice.

  23. Awesome foods and service, very good in Thai foods I went to this place every time when visited Phuket. The price are reasonable and friendly service all staffs always smile and in a good mood while they serving you. I love this place.

  24. Love this place……….kids love exploring there while we get t enjoy the food and ambiance. Difficult to find, but I always get lost in Phuket Town. Parking plentliful.

  25. Been to Natural many times as it has yummy food, friendly chilled atmosphere and very different decor.

  26. In Phuket downtown area, just 200 metres from Jui Tui Shrine (Chinese Temple) Greenery surrounding with plants and fountain. Quaint decorated, the tabes converted from pedal sewing machines while a fish tank converted from old TV set. Recommanded menu; Curry Duck with coconut milk, Homok and Tom Yum Kung. Local people called this restaurant “Krua Tammachat”

  27. I love Thai food and have tried so many restaurants in Phuket. Natural Restaurant stands out from the rest, with a nice view and reasonably priced food. I dined on the third floor which is open air. Really recommend trying this place.

  28. Probably 1 of the most original and quirky designed restuarants. Have a look around, loved the TV set converted to a fish tank and the tabes converted from old pedal sewing machines.

    We were on the top level which was great and surrounded by greenery.

    Food was excellent and the menu with lots of pictures help. SomeThai dishes I never tried before, all good.

    Great fruit shakes.

    Amazing value for money.

  29. Had the oysters and Tom Yum Kung… good and very affordable.

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