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TOP BEEF Thai Barbecue Restaurant

Kathu, Phuket Town & Central

TOP BEEF is a premier Thai style barbecue buffet restaurant, featuring skillet cooking over fire burner stoves. This unique approach provides a new and easy way to grill your food resulting in a tasty experience.

At TOP BEEF, we bring the buffet to you. No more leaving your table and conversation to pick through piles of stagnant food. TOP BEEF’s dedicated team will bring you delicious, plastic wrapped sliced beef, pork, chicken, bacon, and seafood right to your table. We believe in good tasting food and strive for cleanliness and perfection.

  1. I and my wife decided to try this restaurant after we have passed by it many times. We drove down from Patong and easy to park there. The restaurant was airy with high ceiling. Reasonable price, we chose 269 baht which we can order more food from menu. Staff brought the food to our table and what is different from many other restaurants is that the waiter stay with us until the end. Food was good enough but not super WOW. Their sauce was not too spicy and tasty. Will come here again for sure, but not often.

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  2. I have tried once, it was ok, not wow. You can choose the price between 179 baht which you can take food from food bar and 269 baht which you can also order the food from the menu. We tried 179 baht as my husband and I are not a beef lover. We prefer just slides pork, salad and vegetable. If you like beef, recommend 269 Baht. Food bar is small with limited menus if compare with another Thai BBQ restaurant. But I like their sauce, very tasty. It is not too hot as the restaurant is big enough with high ceiling.

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  3. Decided to try Top Beef as I have driven past it many times. The selection at the buffet is pretty okay and they have more premium meats that you can order from the menu. Venue is decent, quite new and airy, not hot like some other BBQ places. HOWEVER, they were blaring out some kind of dance music that was more suited to Bangla Road. It was quite load so asked them to turn it down which they did, but only a little. The place was not full at all. I am sure if they improved the music or even didn’t have any music they would do better.

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  4. I have just found this place when I was driving down from Patong to Phuket town. It has a Good Off street parking and very easy to enter the parking area. It looks clean and has good atmosphere. I had their steak and salad, not super WoW but good enough. Price wasn’t bad and I think the food was prepared well. This is a Good Night time Restaurant-cooler time.

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  5. So the all you can eat buffet here @269 baht was not bad for the price. The staff brings your meat, pork or fish choices to the table and you get to grill them yourself. Plenty of veggie options. For the brave souls there is pork tongue and liver…. non air-con it it was hot.

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