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Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Tunk Ka Café is a romantic dining and chilling out spot at 140 metres above sea level on the top of Rang Hill in Phuket Town. Phuket city views from our open air restaurant especially at night are stunning and impressive. Apart from city view direction, our dining terraces are surrounded by large trees and foliage. There is a shady wooden walkway flanked by bushes and bamboos and leading from the top of the hill to the restaurant. Enjoy breathtaking view of Phuket City while having an extensive choice of local and Thai fusion, International dishes plus different types of refreshing drinks. Highlight menus include Phuket apple pine shake, Tom Yam Goong Maphrao, Phad Pak Liang and Kaeng Som.

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  1. Tunk Ka is one my favourite places in Phuket Town. The view, especially if you can get one of the tables by the edge, is simply wonderful. You can look over the town all the way to the sea on the east coast. Food is also excellent with authentic Thai taste and local prices. As with most local places service can be hit and miss but apart from that its well worth a visit.

  2. Tunk Ka Cafe is a hidden gem, a Thai food restaurant on top of Rang Hill. It has excellent views across Phuket Island and the food is very good. The restaurant is family friendly. If you plan to go on a Friday or Saturday you should book ahead as it it very popular with local people. I recommend to go at sunset when the view is at its best.

  3. บรรยากาศดี เห็นวิวภูเก็ตยามค่ำคืน สวยมากค่ะ อาหารอร่อยมาก ชอบหลายเมนูเลยค่ะ โดยเฉพาะปลากระพงนึ่งมะนาว และ แกงส้ม รสชาดจัดจ้าน เข้มข้น ถูกปาก อร่อยมากๆๆเลย

  4. ไปเลี้ยงฉลองวันเกิดที่นี่ พาครอบครัวไปทาน รสชาติอาหารดีมากๆ เลยครับ โดยเฉพาะ “ไก่ห่อใบเตย” เป็นอาหารแนะนำของที่นี่เลยนะครับ อร่อยเลยทีเดียว แนะนำให้ไปช่วงประมาณเย็นๆ ค่ำๆ นะครับ บรรยากาศจะดีมากๆ …. ที่สำคัญจองโต๊ะล่วงหน้าก็ดีนะครับ จะได้นั่งโต๊ะริมๆ ที่สามารถมองเห็นวิวเมืองภูเก็ตได้ชัดเจน บอกเลยครับว่าฟินสุดๆ อาหารหร่อย บรรยากาศดีมากๆ ครับ

  5. Food was delicious service excellent. loved the views and liked we could sit on different levels. It got busy as the evening went on so I would suggest get there early and enjoy the sunset. Parking is also limited, so another reason to get there early. The The mango salad is well worth trying, but not the hot coffee!

  6. Unbeatable views and location in Phuket Town but their claimed local Thai food were decent to us, not super wow but not disappointing. We got there around half an hour before dusk so we could experience 2 different scenes of the town views, daytime and night time. We loved the beauty of the views here from both times and eating, drinking in a tropical hillside forest with a loud voice of cicadas (told by a staff) was something so relaxing. But wait… one thing you should about this is that it is not a cheap place.

  7. Nice restaurant with great view, good breeze and relax atmosphere. You should go in the late afternoon or evening before sunset, you will see both breathtaking sea view and city night view. They have a lot of menu both food and drink, we ordered local food which was so so for me, but my niece and nephew love their fish in sweet and sour sauce and fried chicken in pandanus leaves. Good service as they will have a least one staff take care of your table. Price is reasonable. You must come if you come to Phuket!

  8. Good view with natural breeze. Thai foods are excellence here. Anyway, a warning to one who expect a genually coffee taste here. Thier cappucino is thai local coffee with milk that quite dissapointing for me.

  9. Good place on the top of Khao Rang. Liked the natural garden during pathway to the wooden down stair. My friends from Australia so loved wonderful city and sea view. Food also good taste and nice decoration. Drinks were ok. Everything was reasonable price. I always hose welcome party for my guests at here.

  10. Always wondered what this place was and we finally made it up when the rains cleared. Magical views of the island and decent food made our visit well worth it.

  11. On the top of Rang Hill. Good atmosphere with stunning view of south Phuket. Nice decoration including wooden stairs pathway and small garden at the front. I like this restaurant. My friends from BKK also like it :o).

  12. It’s a perfect viewpoint of Phuket town with nice variety of tasty food here. Although the price is quite expensive but overall atmosphere at the cafe is nice. Recommend to have dinner there for a fantastic night view of the town!

  13. Very nice city and sea views, I really love to sit at the terrace during sun set. Great coffee and a variant of Thai food. This restaurant is located on the top of Rang Hill in Phuket town. If stay in town and need to find some good nearby restaurant, I recommend this one.

  14. Elevated location at Rang Hill, Phuket Town. The food here are as good as the views, many Thai menues are offered. Also has variety of fresh seafood. I like city view at the night time, very romantic. Ideal for dinner with someone you love.

  15. Nice place for a drink and some food with a great view over Phuket Town.

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