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Patong, West Phuket

Phuket Modern Art by Suthirak Chantragun

There is a unique art gallery at Patong Beach namely, ‘Phuket Modern Art’. It is unusual in that, unlike a conventional gallery, it is spread through the public areas of the luxurious ‘BYD Lofts’ apartment building. The gallery is splash of brilliant color illuminating several areas of this glamorous building. Initially, it was intended to decorate just the lobby of the BYD Lofts with ‘for sale’ paintings by the popular local Phuket artist SUTHIRAK. But his paintings proved to be so wildly popular that SUTHIRAK has made the BYD Lofts the centre of his artistic activity and his colorful pictures have spread from the lobby to the restaurant, hallways and staircases.

SUTHIRAK is an experienced artist who has experimented with many art styles over his long artistic career. He was trained in art at Phuket Campus of Prince of Songkla University and began, as many artists do in Phuket, with reproduction art. But his creative urge led him into experimental original work which reached full-flowering with his current, highly popular and distinctive style. It is characterized by heavily applied layers of paint, reminiscent of the “painterly style”, using brush and trowel and splashing. He favors bold, bright primary colors for the most part which reflect his irrepressible, larger than life, personality although, on occasion according to mood, he sometimes creates sensuous, erotic, delicate work and will sometimes employ mixed media as well. All of which results in dynamic, exciting original art, which is highly distinctive and in great demand!

SUTHIRAK’s art is mostly, but not invariably, executed on a large canvas, which is necessary to contain his vibrant energy. It is not discrete, quiet and retiring, to be hung in a quiet corner of your residence. It is powerful, dramatic, exciting, and emotional and seemingly explodes from the canvas. It is unmistakably SUTHIRAK, and demands to be the featured focus of a room. Nothing less will do. His work can be found in big hotels, top restaurants, and private residences all over Phuket and internationally. He has mounted several successful exhibitions both local and overseas, notably in the Sydney and Melbourne Art exhibitions of 2006 where his work aroused much comment.

If you are interested in art and are as yet unfamiliar with SUTHIRAK’s distinctive and exciting style, you may well be interested in viewing his work. Why not pay us a visit to view his art, and see yourself what the excitement is about. You will find us at BYD Lofts, Patong Beach…5/28 Haad Patong Road, Patong Beach, Phuket; or better, phone for an appointment on 089 6468838.

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  1. I passed this small gallery as it was close to the Andman CSuites where i was staying. they had modern bright, abstract painting, not all to my taste but i did like the yacht regatta ones and prix paintings were interesting but I am not a car prix fan so would not buy one. The artist Suthirak is clearly skilled and talented but you need a large amount of space to display his works as most painting were large in size and need to be viewed from a distance to be really appreciated

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