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Seng Ho Book Store
3.9 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Locally known as the largest book store in Phuket with 2 storey, 6 block building in Phuket Town Centre, Seng Ho Book Store is a traditional book store that is very popular for local people and Thai students.

Thai and international books and magazines are available in this shop and their book shelves spread over 2 storey.

The ground floor contains mainly magazines, travel book, novels, dictionaries etc while of the upper floor are found a huge range of school books for students.

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  1. The oldest local book store in town. They have almost every Thai magazines. They are in my top 3 book shop in Phuket lists. Friendly staff and standard price. Everything is fine but parking lot.

  2. The best book shop I have found in Phuket Town, It has 2 floors, each floor has a lot of sqm so takes time to find books. Most are Thai but it does have English. Sells many text books for schools and colleges, and how to speak Thai books for me! Not that easy to park outside but there is a car park just around the corner.

  3. A big Book store, various types of book. It is home of bookworm. Must apply for a member card to get a discount.

  4. This could be the largest book store in phuket town I suppose. I have to always take my children there when they want to find their school books. Our children like this book store, not too far from downtown area and there is a new department store nearby. For us, we are only interested in magazines and prefer the on in Central Festival B2S.

  5. Just stop here, looking for some magazine. Wow, it is more than a book store. There are many things, stationery, gift shop, novels, cards, post card, etc. Oh, they also have mobile tob up cards and counter service which you can pay any bills! I think it will probably become one of my favorite place.

  6. I am one of their member club to get discount. There are many kinds of magazines, novel, home decor, garden, mothers and kids, all are up to date. Also lovely gift shops corner and essential stationery. Dislike it to have cramped space between shelves. For me, here is one stop book store and so conveneint to drop for who live in Phuket Town. Readers can find some books that unavailable another shop.

  7. Looking for some handbooks for my younger brother, he want to be a policeman. Come here follow my husband suggestion. Wow#@&$% many books, magazines, stationery as well as gift shop, Don’t know how to find it, the friendly staff help me to find from their system. All handbooks are on the 2nd floor. (soldier, engineer, architect etc…) I get 5 handbooks for my brother, but finally he fail the exam not the fault of the book store but because only 2 months that he read……. If you are a member you will get some discount.

  8. I have to pass by this old and classic bookstore because it is located on the way between my office & home. I often stop there to buy for myself like house, garden, food or travel magazines & for my son some student stationery. I think they do have a variety of books, magazines & novels but I heard from many students that they had too limited range of university or college’s exam books. Anyway, for me they are good enough and I suggest to get member card to get some discount.

  9. Seng Ho must be the largest book store in Phuket now probably, I think anyway. I like magazines mainly photography, travel, off road and 4×4 car magazines. Their books are always up to date and they also have stationary, so it can be a one stop book store. The only tiny disliked point is walking space between book shelves is too narrow, the rest things are good.

  10. I want my children to love reading, almost every weekend I bring them here. There are many kinds of book. Also the stationery and gift shop are available. Now I have member card to get discount.

  11. It is a good choice if you are looking for some books to read. There are every kind of book you want…magazine, novel, cartoon, textbook, handbook, home decor, sports, newspaper, etc. Also the stationery and gift shop. Good place to drop if you are in Phuket Town. It is quite big store, just opposite the Sino House Hotel.

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