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Big C Supercentre Phuket
3.9 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

One of the large shopping malls along the Bypass road, the Big C Supercentre Phuket is located next to Phuket International Hospital and right opposite the building of Hafele showroom.

Parking space is huge and available in front of the department store and another 2 floor indoor car park.

The store’s ground floor contains a variety of IT and mobile phone shops, a book store and food court. The mall and restaurants can be found on the 2nd floor while the 3rd floor has a bowling alley and exhibition zone.

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  1. Most people don’t like this shopping centre somehow but for us we think this is a quite easy stop place for shopping. Not always too busy in the car park and we could get anything we want there. The only missing things are probably more bank offices apart from the SCB, then it would be perfect.

  2. One of the reasons I often go to Big C Supercentre is because it is very close to my office. Thus, this is where I usually find my lunch. If you check out in their Super Market, you sill find rice with omelet with only 15 THB. However, the taste just matches its quality though. Outside the Super Market, you can find many different shops and restaurants as well. Starbucks just recently open there.

  3. One reason that makes me always come here is their car parking space. The parking is always enough or more than enough, both indoor and outdoor even on weekend! I like their promotion too, especially cash coupon start from 100 baht then you can use it straight away if you pay another bills from 200 or 300 baht..good value for money!

  4. Too many shop stalls all along the walk way to the shopping mall. I was there at weekend to pay my phone bill at Dtac counter and to shop for some food. When everyone got their shopping cart, the space along the walk way almost disappeared! The tesco lotus is a bit better in my opinion cos they have direct access from outside to their shopping mall without having to pass by a lot of hampering stalls.

  5. I was disappointed with Big C plumbing supply shelves. They used to have various brand accessories and supplies and various sizes of water valves at very good price; e.g. elegance, sanwa and even hafale. I like them because they had miscellaneous plumbing things with various brands, so coming for shopping for home stuff then also for DIY stuff – One Stop!. But last weekend I found over 90% became only Big C brand forcing consumers to buy only theirs, same think is happening to the Tesco Lotus. I was looking for several braided flexible hoses and a new good tap for sink. Their brand seems to be OK but quality and sizes are lower than the brand ones; e.g. the Big C hose is shorter and more fragile. I therefore had to go back to the Homework. Very disappointed.

  6. Good deals can be found for basic home goods like towels, kitchen stuff, cleaning supplies. Makro is probably a bit cheaper but when you don’t need a years supply of dish washing soap this is decent place to shop.

  7. Best thing here is the baguette bread. baked fresh and about a dollar a loaf. closest thing to French bread Ive tasted. some good pastries too.

  8. I normally go to Big C once a month for mobile phone bill payment at DTAC shop. True & AIS shops are located on the 1st floor. For those who want to buy mobile phones or electrical stuffs, Big C is their good choice. It often has special promotion for goods & things. However, it has very bad traffic jam during rush hours & raining day.

  9. I like Big C as It has everything that we need, fresh food, banks, restaurants, mobile shops etc. I am always at computer and phone shop section while my wife is shopping some foods.

  10. Talking about the Big C, I prefer shopping here because of its ample parking space. Tesco Lotus and Central are a nightmare…. bad traffic “in and out” plus insufficient car park like playing musical chairs! Well, although the Big C is less modern than other, I still happy to come and shop there.

  11. Best place for computer bits and pieces in Phuket. Also cables, leads, switches, phones, tools and other miscellaneous bits can be found on the ground floor. Check out “Amorn” at the far end.

  12. You can buy anything here from clothes, shoes, electrical goods to everyday household gadgets and decorative items. Alcohol is also sold here for much less than in the tourist supermarkets in Patong. Ladies shoes are about $8 AUD and can be found in sizes up to 41 (8-9 Australian). You can also stock up on snacks and other foods as well as dine in one of many cheap restaurants including KFC and the like. Well worth a visit!

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