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Index Living Mall
3.1 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Index Living Mall is well-known for its one stop home furnishing store, located along the Bypass road and right adjacent to Phuket International Hospital.

This mall can be also conveniently accessed via Bangyai Road behind Big C Supercenter when driving from Kathu area.

Their furniture and products cover every decoration and furnishing of every corner of the house for example bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and even outdoor zone.

There is a wide range of prices according to the quality of the products. Office furniture are also available on the upper floor and made to order stuff can be requested at the counter of the showroom.

Customers are able to find several restaurants and coffee shops within this living mall.

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  1. Bought 2 cushion chairs for living room and 1 office chair last week. We spent nearly 10 minutes to find the staff who looked after that section. When the lady staff came, yes she was helpful but with rare smile (strange!) quite different from staff in other malls… always smiley and welcoming. Well we completed our order and she asked us to drive to the delivery department somewhere around the building corner to get them load stuff on to our car. OK we got there, many Index trucks around, so we had to be careful, then we waited for half an hour until we got our ordered stuff. This mall is good inside (showroom) but strange customer service management.

  2. This is my second favorite shopping mall in Phuket and my number 1 home furnishing store in Phuket. As other store is not as variety as Index and the price is also touchable. If you are budget the ground floor is the winder which is the sister brand of Index which offer lower price of products.

  3. I ordered a wooden bookcase from their downstairs furniture zone. A staff came to us (with no smile or no gesture of welcoming) saying that we had to wait for around 1 week and they gave us a confirmation paper for us to come and collect it. This is ok. We paid full (xxxx thousand baht) then we came the week after on the appointment date, but they said there is no artisan to make it ready for us and we had to wait for few more days…! We shopped for a lot of things here for our new house, even though the services from their other departments were not wonderful but not that unacceptable like wooden furniture section. Heard no really sorry about that and we have to wait although we paid full. Be ready for the delay…… if you buy something from their furniture section on the ground floor.

  4. There are good and not so good things about Phuket Index Living Mall. Starting with good things, this a good place to find showroom with a wide range of bedroom and kitchen models. Some of the items are not too expensive. After we have decided to order a set of bedroom and one for kitchen, their graphic staff showed us the 3d plan which was good. We then faced their downside at the cashier when we were paying our bill for the order. Their cashier took me more than an hour to get things done. I could not understand why it was so long, the staff said they had a very long queue but I saw just 1 customer in front of me while they have nearly 10 people there. I believe they can improve this.

  5. I have been here to find some cushion. There were many design, color, fabric to choose with very good promotion price..but once I went to pay at the cashier, the staff said the prices were wrong! They had to check in the system and asking their manager to approve the correct price..OMG! it took nearly an hour and finally I need to pay different prices. So, very disappointed with their system and services.

  6. Between SB and Index , Indexs selection fits more with my peraonal taste but there customer service and policy’s are terrible .If you buy something and it is defective or want to cancel a item once you paid they will not return your money , the delivery guys are not good or on time , they tore the wallpaper on the stairs and never said a word which we all know is typical of Thailand but these guys seems especially oblivious .on the other hand the delivery guys and sales staff from SB were very good , maybe they should merge the 2 companys

  7. Last week I just bought furniture from them because next month I going to move my place. I compare the price and the design between SB furniture and Index before I made any decision so my maximum budget not that much after compare the price I choose Index for the whole house I put the furniture in there’s still in my budget.

  8. Went there with friends to buy bed & bed frames for new bedroom. We took around 1 and half hour looking around furniture zone. We found most items here are cheaper than SB furniture but not too sure about quality similarity. My fried got his bed stuff and he seems happy with both price and quality. Service was not super wow but good enough.

  9. We bought one of their more expensive couches. After 1 month the couch looked already like it was used for 5 years, especially the cushions we sit on. As a couch should be made well enough to sit on, you would expect it to look good at least 1 year. I asked if I could order new material for the cushions and had sent them the photo’s how bad they already look, but I could only order the whole cushions ( which would have to be 5) and we would have to pay 22.000(!) baht for that…This is not service..this is insanity. We had also bought a Sealy bed there. They said we could exchange it if we didn’t like it. So only after we bought it and got it delivered at our house we found out it was not laying the same as in the shop. Than they told us (afterwards!) that you need the sealy construction underneath to have the same effect with the mattress. Which they didn’t tell in the shop. This is almost the same price as the mattress itself, so it turned out almost double the price. The mattress still felt different with the sealy construction underneath so we asked if we could change it for another one. If we would want to choose a cheaper mattress they would not give part of the money back, besides that, that cheaper option – that was also a more ‘soft’ mattress – we would have to order from a photo in a book as it was not in the shop to try out.. How is that even possible?? So we had to go for the much more expensive one and pay extra AGAIN. Besides that most furniture is not in stock always have to wait for everything. One time I bought a closet for clothes with a light in it. When the light was broken I could never buy a new light again because the size of it is unusual and they didn’t sell that closet anymore…When they installed another closet, I thought it was all fine, then a little later the drawer is always stuck with the doors when you open it and the doors can’t close properly anymore.. than I asked one time an engineer from INDEX who was in the house, who told me I shouldn’t put boxes on top of the closet..So it is an expensive closet but too cheaply build to store a little plastic box with shoes on top of it?…I have many more bad stories and the only reason why we keep buying there is because there are not many other options with good looking furniture (not too cheap and not too expensive) But if IKEA would be in the neighbourhood I would definitely not buy here anymore.

  10. Not only furniture sold here but also many household items. I bought 2 lovely boxes for Christmas present exchange. Once the recipient saw it she was very happy and liked it.

  11. Yes the prices are decent here but the 2 items we wanted to buy they did not have in stock which meant a 10 day way. UGH.

  12. They have a lot of good quality furniture. I bought a large bean bag armchair and a small dining table set both with “Index Living Mall” brand. I must confess I normally never rely on any shop’s own brand products due to their low quality. But this time, their products looked very satisfying; design, quality and price!

  13. Really surprised by amount of items here and everything we needed was in stock. No weeks of waiting. Lots more than just furniture too.

  14. We bought most of our furniture from Index. Its reasonably priced and they quality is not bad, better than most of the cheap stuff you find nowadays. They have a good selection of beds and sofas, and we also got a great mattress that was on sale. They also designed and fitted our built-in wardrobes which look great. I would say they offered the best value for money in our price range.

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