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Patong, West Phuket

“Jungceylon” was a name for Phuket used back in 1511 when it was a fertile and prosperous port town embraced by the Andaman Sea. The name is now being used again for the Jungceylon project, a world class shopping and entertainment destination.

Outstanding location

  • Near to famous lively Patong Beach, the prettiest beach in Phuket
  • On the corner of Bangla Road and Rat-u-thit 200 Years Road (Patong Soi 2), the busiest spot on Patong Beach

The most beautiful spot in Phuket

  • Total area of 200,000 square metres
  • Retail space of 75,000 square metres with more than 300 shops
  • The largest parking area on Patong Beach with space for 120 coaches and 2,000 cars


  • A centre for shopping, drinking, dining, entertainment and leisure that will impress all visitors and make them want to come back again and again

The Jungceyeon Shopping and Leisure Mall is divided into 4 zones :-

1. Silang Bouvevard which is set atthe front of the main building facing Patong 2 Road, and contains a top wellness floor with spas, hair salons, beauty palours, dentists and a sport shop, a ground shoping and restaurant floor and a basement floor food court, spa and Thai souviour and art shops.

2. The Port whch is a covered open air area which has eating and drinking places set around it and a large water area, which has a Junk Boat and a music and light fountain show.

3. Sino Phuket Outlets have been built to look old Sino Portuguese Buildings. Here there are a host of bars, coffee shops, restaurants and also the Pimara Boutique Hotel.

4. Phuket Square. Here there are big brand names such as Robinson Department Store, a Big C Extra that is a supermarket and also sells clothes, stationery, electrical good and much more, a muti screen SF Cinema, SF Strike Bowling Centre, a 4D XD threate, Games Rooms and on teh ground floor there is sales, special promotions area.

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  1. Went here as it was raining. Thought this mall was strange and poorly designed as it consists of a number for buildings, that we could not get too unless we went outside and got wet! The drains could not cope and staff had to use large wipe blade like brooms to clear some of the walkways that became flooded. Difficult to know what was in each building. Mainly brand big name shops, nothing really different Postives, easy to park, had a big c supermarket and there were massage shops in the basement which were not expensive but not that quiet, many Chinese having foot massages. Had a good selection of restaurants and eating options.

  2. มีโอกาสได้ไปเที่ยวหาดป่าตองที่ภูเก็ตเมื่อปลายต้นเดือนพ.ย. ขับรถผ่านหน้าห้าง ดูสะดุดตาดีครับ เลยบอกเพื่อนให้เลี้ยวกันเข้าไปดู …. การออกแบบ ถือว่านำเสน่ห์และกลิ่นอายของความเป็นภูเก็ตนำเสนอได้ดีครับ มีร้านค้าต่างๆ มากมาย เดินซะเพลินเลยครับ ที่นี่เค้าแบ่งออกเป็นสองตึกนะครับ จำชื่อไม่ได้แล้ว ว่าเค้าเรียกขื่อว่าอะไร ส่วนลานน้ำพุ ต้องไปติดกลางคืนหน่อยอ่ะครับ จะมีแสงสี สวยงามทีเดียวครับ ชอบตรงที่มีร้านเกี่ยวกับกีฬาอ่ะครับ มีตั้งสองแบรนด์แน่ะครับ ทั้ง Super Sport และ Sport World มีสินค้าเยอะแยะ และลดราคาเยอะด้วยครับผม แต่ติดนิดเดียว ลานจอดรถใต้ดิน มืดไปนิดนึงนะครับ :-) แต่ก็ไม่ได้ดูน่ากลัวอะไรมากมายครับ

  3. Jungceylon was our favourite afternoon relaxation place while we were in patong for holiday. This could be the most modern mall in patong I believe. There were everything we needed, I mean shops and restaurants. Our kids loved to spend time there at the play area and movie zone. One other good thing was their location right in the middle of everyting was something perfect!

  4. We have been here sometimes for dinner or shopping but we stop here this time because of rain! I think here is the best place to come in Patong when raining. There are cinema, restaurants, banks, food, shops, hair salon, etc. I like their promotion hall on the ground floor the most, good value for shopping. I have got Annbra which discount 50%!!

  5. Just as you expect to see from any department store around the world. But only the price is higher than other normal department store in Thailand. But seem to be the best place to shopping in Patong. It got everything that you expect in the department store in Thailand, fast food restaurants, clothes, massage shop, nail and hair shop, theaters and open air space in the middle for some event.

  6. Nice place to stroll around and get away from the afternoon heat. Good selection of restaurants and shops. Plenty crowded.

  7. I find the place average but it is a good option to get away from heat outside and walk around the air-con area. Parking space is adequate but chargeable unless we bought something and show them receipt…

  8. Good place to get in from the heat. Tried our luck and bowling and that was fun. Then a foot massage and there went the afternoon.

  9. Better choice than Central Festival if you’re looking a place with cinema, restaurant and shopping.

    You will find easy to park the car here. Event weekend

  10. They had a dance exercise competition on while when I went there, It was fun to watch the kids dance, they took it very seriously. Went to the movies and saw Snowpiecer, seats were comfortable, but they should turn the volume down it was loud. Afterwards ate at Wine Connections, had a reasonable bottle of wine there for 750 baht. This mall is fine, but is not outstanding and could do with some refurbishment in some areas

  11. Just like other department store. We can expect what to find in other mall in Thailand. There only an open air in the middle and this is the connect to other different malls. Of cause the price of KFC, Mc Donald, Burger King and others, are higher normal. The Toilet in some area is very dirty. Overall, I’m not impress.

  12. They had a Loy Krathong event where they had live country Thai music band and a Thai country dance show. The fountains are currently being repaired and not working which was a pity but the Loy Krathong event made up for it. There are loads of shops here as well as massage places and heaps of drinking and eating options.

  13. No problems parking at weekends at Jungceylon unlike Central. Just remember to keep your receipts to get free or reduced fee car parking fees. Big C has a good bakery, wine and food sections

  14. Enjoyed shopping, drinking coffee and watching the fountain show at 7pm which our young kids enjoyed.

  15. I stayed 5 days at the Millennium Resort, which has a direct link to Jungceylon. I had a fantastic stay with so many shopping and eating options just a few minutes walk from my room.

  16. We spent a few rainy days here during our holiday and there is plenty to do and heaps of places to eat. The cinema had the latest movies, we watched Oblivion (great film), and there was a bowling alley next on the same floor so we went there a couple of afternoons. We ate in a couple of the restaurants and prices were very reasonable – Fuji was our favourite – yummy california rolls!! Luckily it didn’t rain every day but it was great to have somewhere like Jungceylon for when it was.

  17. Easy parking (chargeable unless with a shopping receipt), various and a lot of shops, good but a bit pricey food court (underground), many entertainment options etc. The only large and modern shopping complex in Patong. Overall, we actually enjoyed the place very much.

  18. Went to this big,air con mall as had sun burn, so could not go the beach. I was surprised at how big it was. There was a Big C hypermarket, a small department store, cinema and bowling complex, spas and foot massage place, coffee shops and loads of dining places and a good food and drink Irish Times Pub in the Sino Food Zone. It does not open until 11am and the signage could be better, as a number of times I lost my bearings

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