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3.5 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

The wholesale centre Makro Phuket provides a full range of quality products at a very competitive prices mainly for retailers, grocery shops, offices and general customers.

The mall is conveniently located on the road to Patong and just 400 metres away from Central Festival Mall. Most products including goods, consumer goods, frozen food, fresh food and bakeries are available for both large and small quantity.

Before shopping, customers have to make sure that they have Makro membership card with them or they need to request for a temporary membership card from their information counter.

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  1. Makro is a great place to stock up on bulk items such as soft drinks, long-life foods, cleaning and hygiene products. The electronics selection is also good. Makro has a wide selection of Western foods including European meats and cheeses at reasonable prices. The vegetables are in good condition. You can get a day pass for free.

  2. We got there around 11am but we found not many organic vegetables available. Normally it was huge amount. Some fruits had no price label ready on the shelf, so we have to bring it and ask their staff. Most fruits look like about to go off. And unfortunately we bought a pack of apples and found at home that most of them were rotten from its middle. We are disappointed this time with Makro.

  3. Very clean and tidy and especially easy to find stuff. We always shop for fresh ingredients here because when I compare to others this is our best supermarket. This Makro made our life more easier really.

  4. Everything always looks fresh, new and tidy here. I like to shop for their vegetable and frozen stuff. Not comfortable for customers without having bags but I personally quite like the idea of reducing plastic usage. Some items are sold only in a large amount, so this could be our problem sometimes when we want to buy it just a few.

  5. We’ve been here again after 4 months. It’s good for big pack selling. We bought a pack of grass jelly & a dozen pack of sausage for my sister at Koh Yao. A big size bag is not free. I lost my member card so cashier asked me to get temporary one from customer service counter. It’s not convenient for me (ಠ_ಠ).

  6. I had just been to Makro a few days ago. Normally I never thought to go there before because I think there are only big packs selling for wholesalers. But my understanding had changed when I went there that day. It is a very good supermarket which has a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and meat, seemingly fresher but may not be cheaper than the others. We need to bring our own bag for our stuff as there don’t have bags for you.

  7. Last week I have been Makro to buy food. I’m not often buy stuff here because they almost selling a big pack. Easy to find things inside, but we contacted staff for stuff on upper shelves or big boxes. Staff looking after snacks shelf are kindly helpful but seems different at cashier counter. Must have a member card to shop here, or we need a temporary membership card. Big bags must be purchased, not free and limited parking space during busy hours. I still prefer Big C & Lotus; they are better!

  8. Yess..hate the required membership same above but love to buy their products…that’s why I still come here. Pork here is fresh and cheap. There are many kind of fruit, vegetable, salad, mushroom, thai herb, etc. almost everything you need. Oh! if you would like to do sushi, I recommend you to buy Japanese food stuff such as seaweed and sushi shrimp eggs page here…it’s really really cheap!

  9. I still don’t really understand what the required membership is for… now possible with temporary membership. Well, their fresh and frozen products are always in good condition and good quality. I love to shop here for vegetable and fruit as they look a lot better than what I saw in the Big C or Tesco. Patience at the cashier is always required cos everyone buys huge stuff and with slow cashier…. things become slothful. I like their product quality, so I can be patient!

  10. Pretty much everything under the sun can be found here. Some items in bulk only but great place to buy cheeses at better prices than Central. Also good bakery!

  11. Great place to shop during the week. Not so crowded. Well priced fruits and veggies and some occasional deals on imported cheeses. The bakery puts out some really good croissants.

  12. A few things to know before shopping here. I’ve never been asked for a membership card when entering.
    Not everything is in bulk so its possible to buy individual items. A good selection of imported goods including cheeses. The bakery dept. has great baguettes!
    Cigarettes are sold by the carton at the customer service desk and are a bit cheaper than other places.
    Its cash only at check-out but there are ATMs at the entrance. Bring your on bags, they do not provide them but do sell them at checkout.

  13. I often go to buy some groceries at Makro on weekend. It is just a few minute drives from Central Festival. There are fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, Tuna & Salmon fillets. So, I can buy all the foods and ingredients that I want in here.

  14. I do most of my grocery shopping here. They don’t run out of things as quickly as the Lotus or Big C on the Bypass and fruit and veg seem always seems fresher. It can be a pain when you have to buy a whole box of certain items but it does work out cheaper. The imported steaks are good and not outrageously priced compared to Tops. Some bargains to be had with their own brand items as well, especially in the frozen section!

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