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Tesco Lotus Supercenter (By-pass Road)
3.4 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Tesco Lotus Supercenter at bypass road is a very popular shopping and eating destination for locals and also expats especially at weekend.

Apart from a large amount of products in the shopping centre itself, there are also various well known restaurants and coffee shops for customers to choose from. Shopping centre’s food court is located on the upper floor and has many good Thai food options for visitors.

There is in the same building Home Pro store which sells full range of materials, accessories, furniture and many more for home improvement.

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  1. The Tesco Lotus Supercenter is set in a big complex along with banks, eateries (including MK) and HomePro. Within Tesco there are electronics and toy departments, but most of the store is a large Western-style supermarket selling a large variety of groceries. The location is convenient on Phuket’s Bypass Road and the car park is very large. Even so, it can take a while to find a space on Saturday morning or afternoon.

  2. Best to go there during the week, gets busy and car parking is a problem at weekends, especially day time. The supermarket has some expat food products but a lot less that central, The aisles are stocked with rows and rows of the same thing, they have space to stock to much better range of expat products. Has a fair number of restaurants such as MK. KFC, Pizza Company and Black Canyon, but all are chain restaurants, nothing out of the ordinary. The clothing section is worth a look for cheap shirts, shorts. t shires underwear etc. Overall disappointing just ordinary, most staff are missing that famous Thai smile. It is a shame as it has the potential to be really good.

  3. We go tesco lotus every weekend. For some reason we always get unfriendly cashier. We always greet them but no smile or hi back. Just with a sour face. Could improve on that.

  4. Great place to find all necessary stuffs here. They always promote their goods at the attractive prices. After their renewal, look more professionalism such as cashier counters, security system and customer service desk. Bigger and more shops. Supermarket zone is quiet difficult to find goods although they hang overhead sign of each products. UNIQLO is my must visit shop whenever I go to this Tesco Lotus.

  5. 1st time here on the last weekend since they did some renovation…wow look much better than before. More shops, more space and more cashier counter! I tried self-service cashier, it’s quite good if you buy a few thing, do not need to wait for long queue. Starbucks is open here will be one of my favorite place for sure.

  6. Always impressed with their service, but not this time. I bought big refrigerator here (13.9 Q) and made appointment with them about delivery date and time already. At the date of receiving product, they arrived 3 hours earlier and we not at home. Moreover they didn’t call to inform us in advance. When we arrived, we saw our refrigerator in front of the house. Oh my god, they signed the guarantee slip instead of us. When we went to inform the Lotus, they said that those staff are not their employees. They came from delivery company…NOT professional service.

  7. Newly renovated, more shops; cosmetic, gold, cloth and many more. Also there are more cashiers but I don’t like its new sections, very difficult to find things.

  8. One thing that I often buy here is pork, it is fresh and cheaper than other supermarket. It just had renovation and expansion, much bigger than before and has more shops, includes my favorite one UnigIo! They also add more cashier counter but I hope all of them will open as before half of counter are closed!

  9. The only problem with Tesco’s is trying to get in, find a parking space and then trying to get out. What a nightmare! Once inside pretty much everything you need.

  10. Everything you need is here!! Tesco Lotus features supermarket, restaurants, banks, bookstores, cosmetics shops, clothing stores, retail shops, food court, and many more. Only 5 minutes drive from my house. For supermarket, if you want some fresh products, you need to go there in the morning time which is not much busy. Prices are good. On weekends, it’s really hard to find parking space and very crowded especially in the afternoon time.

  11. This particular Tesco Lotus is really good and easy shopping. Great selection of food,clothing and electrical. Staff are always helpful and some can speak quite reasonable English. FANTASTIC.

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